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The great thing about fashion is, one may think there are rules to follow, but in reality, there are none. This perhaps is the secret to not only a dynamic industry, but also an exciting opportunity for anyone across the world who wants to partake in both its glitz and glamour as well as the sweat and tears behind every creation, fashion show, and milestone. As a means of expression, fashion is fluid and malleable to be infused by ideas and resources from the obvious to the unimaginable. A fashion brand that excellently fuses socio-cultural concepts with the most non-clothing materials, resulting in pieces worn from the urban streets to high-fashion, is A-Cold-Wall.

Creations out of intersections

A Cold Wall Clothes

Started by someone the industry considers an extraordinary protégé, being a nominee for an LVMH Prize, Samuel Ross, A-Cold-Wall is the epitome of creating something new out of intersecting backgrounds, perspectives, and vision.

Founded in 2015, now 26-year old Samuel takes inspiration from his experiences to establish a brand that explores the British class system—its nuances and differences within, and the commonality amongst social groups—a cold wall. The brand looks into the typical days of work and school, the struggles of the working class, and even the political issues Britain is facing in recent times.

Unusual makes it special

A Cold Wall Fashion

Interpreting a vibrant socio-cultural concept and translating those ideas into wearable fashion is proven to be a stimulating and innovative project. A-Cold-Wall makes use of fabrics and materials not necessarily made for fashion, such as rubber, nylon, latex, tarpaulin, viscose, PVC, and thermoreactive plastic, to come up with urban-chic fashion pieces that can be considered as living artworks. Aside from that, the pieces are exclusively made in UK with keen attention to detail, some even handcrafted to perfection.

Because the brand wants to tap the audiences’ sensibilities, A-Cold-Wall is only available in six selected stockists worldwide, namely, Barneys in NYC, Harvey Nichols in the UK, United Arrows in Japan, and IT in Hong Kong, to name some. There are limited points of sale because retail experience must reflect the social commentary behind the clothes through immersive installations and decorations.

Multi-awarded future ahead

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Being a young fashion brand of just less than three years, A-Cold-Wall has already received numerous awards which include being nominated for the ‘Best Emerging Menswear Designer’ prize at the British Fashion Awards, and collaborations with big name brands such as Hiroshi FujiwaraLevis, and Nike.

Today, with the challenge of sustainability in place, A-Cold-Wall is looking into ways on how to grow the brand without compromising the environment—a sign of maturity industry speculators quipped. Considering its multidisciplinary approach to fashion, marrying various ideas and tools, and coming up with pieces that spark not only imagination but also conversations, A-Cold-Wall truly has a bright future ahead, disrupting the industry and setting an example to budding brands in the making.

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