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20 Most Extravagant Chloé Tops for Women

Chloe clothes on display at Rinascente. Milan, Italy

September 2022 Sales (LATEST)

Looking our best makes us feel good about ourselves. We do it by taking care of our skin, eating healthy, putting on makeup, and of course, dressing up to look extremely confident and radiantly beautiful. We, women usually dress up for ourselves, but don’t we also just love to impress people with our fashion style as well? Because let us all admit it, admiration and validation from others is definitely something else too.

One simple and effective way to achieve feeling beautiful and confident is by putting on outstandingly stylish tops. Tops are one of the first things people notice especially when it highlights one’s physical attributes as well as personal style.

Chloé, a fashion house that has been in the fashion and style industry since 1952 has just got the tops that you may be looking or needing for. Read on for some of the best Chloé tops we picked just for you.

  1. Chloé double ruffle top

Chloé double ruffle top

Price: US$357.00
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Bring out your most feminine self in this white ruffled top from Chloé. Crafted from fine silk and cotton, the ruffles along the neckline and sleeves are simply adorable and fun. A pretty and fun outfit with a pair of your favourite denim jeans and leather flats.

  1. Chloé Snake-effect jacquard-knit peplum top

Chloé Snake-effect jacquard-knit peplum top

Price: US$1,250.00
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Be bold and beautiful in this red and burgundy snakeskin printed top. Pair it with its matching skirt for a sexy and fierce woman like you. Wear it with your knee-high leather boots to complete your fiery stunning look.

  1. Chloe Sleeveless Asymmetric-Hem Jersey Top

Chloe Sleeveless Asymmetric-Hem Jersey Top

Price: US$395.00
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Be summer ready in this white sleeveless top with asymmetric ruffled hem from Chloé. Look cute and fresh with a pair of faded denims and ankle boots. Great for layering outfits as well. Wear it under a long cardigan so you’re ready for some cool summer night.

  1. Chloé knot sleeve top

Chloé knot sleeve top

Price: US$597.00
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This 100% cotton knot sleeve top from Chloé  is comfy, edgy and adorable. Sexy as well as sexy with that knot detail on the sleeves that shows a little portion of your shoulders. No need to fret coz this top is something that will match any pair of jeans and high-heeled sandals.

  1. Chloé Two-tone wool-blend top

Chloé Two-tone wool-blend top

Price: US$695.00
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Chloé’s beige and black will give you an instant exquisite silhouette. Its twisted neckline accentuates the torso just right. Pair this two-toned beauty with wide-leg pants and leather shoulder bag for a winning runway look.

  1. Chloé Silk-trimmed cotton top

Chloé Silk-trimmed cotton top

Price: US$ 695.00
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This white silk trimmed top from Chloé is absolutely adorable. Those cropped silk sleeves, delicate lace trim, and silk paneling across the neckline gives off a fresh and feminine vibe that you can either dress up and down for casual or a more formal occasion. Style it with a long flowy printed skirt, a pixie leather shoulder bag and pretty leather sandals.

  1. Chloé flared top

Chloé flared top

Price: US$977.00
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This flared top from Chloé will look perfect as a beach coverup under your favourite bikini top. The pleated details, asymmetric hem and very lovely floral pattern are just spot on. Perfect for walks along the beach. Wear it with a pair of white shorts and gladiator sandals for a casual and trendy resort look.

  1. Chloé Collared Snap-Front Short-Sleeve Floral-Lace Shirt

Chloe Collared Snap-Front Short-Sleeve Floral-Lace Shirt

Price: US$995.00
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This floral laced shirt from Chloé is absolutely perfect for the summer. The lace and silk fabric material of this top surely adds a feminine and romantic vibe to your style. Wear it with a vibrant colored skirt and strappy sandals for a trendy summer outfit, add on a straw hat as well!

  1. Chloé Chiffon and lamé top

Chloé Chiffon and lamé top

Price: US$1,995.00
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Girl’s night out? This chiffon and lamé top from Chloé is just the thing. The gold cotton blend fabric is just the perfect contrast to the black chiffon material that cinches at the waist. Wear it with its matching Chloé skirt with gold trims at the hem, high-heeled sandals and accessorize with a cute leather handbag.

  1. Chloé Embroidered Tulle Sleeveless Top

Chloe Embroidered Tulle Sleeveless Top

Price: US$2,095.00
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This tulle top from Chloé is such an iconic piece. The intricate design and overlay of fabrics is just too fabulous. You can either opt for a simple look or dress up with this top. The basic cut and style of this piece makes it real easy and fun to add on layers. Be creative because this top looks gorgeous with either a skirt or a pair of pants.

  1. Chloé Silk top

Chloé Silk top

Price: US$1,295.00
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This silk top from Chloé just exudes elegance with its style and pattern. Fashioned from fine silk fabric ruffled sleeves and trim in dark navy colour, show off this top on a dinner date with a pair of fitting trousers and a pair of metallic sandals.

  1. Chloé Tied Top

Chloé Tied Top

Price: US$557.00
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Flaunt your slender waist in this Chloé’ white tied top. Highlighting a crew neckline, long sleeves and a tied waist, wear this top with a pair of jeans to look casual or a black midi skirt for dressier affairs. Your look will make an awesome statement anywhere you go.

  1. Chloé floral bardot top

Chloé floral bardot top

Price: US$285.00
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The delectable floral pattern and ruffled combination on this Chloé top gives off a cool boho vibe. Its  off-shouldered design, paneled sleeves and elastic trim this top is just wonderful for the summer. The best part is you can easily pair this with jeans and high-heeled sandals. So don’t shy away, bare your shoulders and make this piece both charming and sexy.

  1. Chloé Stretch-knit top

Chloé Stretch-knit top

Price: US$1,095.00
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Be effortlessly beautiful in this Chloé cream stretch-knit top with low v-neckline to show off your precious necklace.  Best paired with jeans for a casual look. Or opt to wear it on formal occasions with a skirt to match its sophisticated cut and design.

  1. Chloé Denim Tie Front Shirt

Chloé Denim Tie Front Shirt

Price: US$595.00
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For a casual yet classy look then this denim tie shirt from Chloé is your best bet. It is made of cotton with cuffed sleeves and front ties to show off those lovely curves. Look comfy and chic with this top and a pair of denim jeans and black ankle boots.

  1. Chloé Embellished broderie anglaise and satin-jersey turtleneck top

Chloé Embellished broderie anglaise and satin-jersey turtleneck top

Price: US$1,950.00
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The dramatic flair given off by this white satin top with its asymmetric long front hem from Chloé is just pure perfection. The delicate eyelets and silver embellishments add character to this piece and that long hem is just so sexy. You can never go wrong wearing it with a skirt or a pair of jeans, the flexibility of this top is just endless.

  1. Chloé Cotton poplin top

Chloé Cotton poplin top

Price: US$1,395.00
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A flexible piece from the Chloé’s collection, this cotton poplin top can be worn casually or formally. Featuring a lace trim embroidery on the sleeves and button down finish you can pair this top nicely with trousers and strap on sandals. Or you can be creative and playful by adding layers to this basic yet fantastic white top.

  1. Chloé panelled top

Chloé panelled top

Price: US$448.00
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Look fresh and clean in this white cotton paneled top from Chloé. The button detailing on both sides and laces makes it a perfect top for the summer. The edgy and sexy cut of this piece is ideal for layering with a long cardigan. So get in the trend and grab this piece for a super feminine summer look.

  1. Chloé colour block tiered top

Chloé colour block tiered top

Price: US$2,097.00
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The whimsical drapes of silk and cotton on this Chloé block tiered top just complements your trim figure even more. The asymmetric hem and lace trimmings on this elegantly styled piece creates a perfect silhouette. A top that will make you definitely stand out in the crowd.

  1. Chloé eyelet lace shirt

Chloe eyelet lace shirt

Price: US$1,155.00
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The conservative style of  this Chloé eyelet lace shirt is  simply beautiful. Get a very chic look by wearing this top with a pair of black trousers and ankle boots. Or match it with tight-fitting jeans to balance the proportion of your outfit.

Make every day a day to make yourself look and feel beautiful and confident. If it takes a red lipstick to boost your somber mood, then put it on. Wear that lovely Chloé top if it will make you feel better. Just do it.  Do not hesitate. It is up to you and no one else to make yourself look and feel marvelous. Be brave and bold. You can have your cake and eat it too, you know!

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