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Adidas Tubular Viral Mixed-Material Sneakers Review

Adidas Tubular Viral Mixed-Material Sneakers Review

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Adidas Tubular Viral Mixed-Material Sneakers Review
Adidas Tubular Viral Mixed-Material Sneakers Review
It’s rare for sports sneakers to look effortless. Part of what attracts customers to them is that the hard work to make them is visible on the shoes themselves. But Adidas’ Tubular Viral Mixed-Material sneakers break ground with such and offers athletic women a sleek and stylish shoe to compliment their sporty lifestyle. The sheer effortless look the pair evoke has people so enamored that even some men want to buy this pair for themselves—a testament to the retail gold of the shoe.
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An effortless look makes all the difference in the world of high fashion and luxury retail. Whatever piece it may be—a dress, a bag, jewelry, or a shoe—if it looks easy on the eyes, it’s guaranteed to be a hit. A truly groundbreaking piece is when it’s constructed with the most complicated craftsmanship and designed with such intricate detailing only to look as if it’s the easiest thing to make in the world. In the world of haute couture, this is a common occurrence, but in sneaker culture, there are only Adidas’ Tubular Viral Mixed-Material sneakers.

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Release date: February 11, 2016
Price when reviewed: $100

Released on February 11, 2016, the German retail giant’s more recent model is inspired by their classic 1993 shoe, the Tubular. A collection exclusively for their female customers, the shoe has since become a much-talked-about piece in the fashion press and in sneaker culture. The pair costs a relatively easy $100 per pair and is available in countless Adidas Stores worldwide and among different online retail platforms.


Effortless is not a usual word associated with any product in sneaker culture, but it’s one that best describes Adidas’ Tubular Viral Mixed-Material hit.  The shoes are an interplay of different materials—neoprene, mesh, faux suede and faux leather—all harmoniously constructed to form a sleek, sophisticated, and unmistakably refined look. Its streamlined silhouette frames the feet in a comfortable and tailor-fit manner that helps the wearer exercise freely in them. The sneakers are also surprisingly light, making the mix of materials all the more mind-blowing.


Since the shoe is made up of different materials, each far from the next, there’s no assurance on how durable toe shoe really is. Some of the materials used, namely the fake suede and fake leather, are too precious (albeit fake) for strenuous activities and can possibly damage when the owner wears them for such. On the other hand, the fabrics like neoprene and mesh, while durable enough for any type of climate, require delicate processes of washing to ensure picture-perfect stability all throughout.

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