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Top 14 Most Minimalist Acne Studios Women’s Footwear Ever Designed

Top 14 Most Minimalist Acne Studios Women’s Footwear Ever Designed

September 2022 Sales (LATEST)

When people hear Acne Studios, it’s inevitable for the word “minimalist” to come up. After all, it’s what the Swedish luxury fashion house is best known for—straightforward items that rarely need all the embellishments but are still sightly and functional due to smart and meticulous design. Sometimes, less is more; you can do without unnecessary features and still maximize your chosen item.

In case you’re in need of a new minimalist, go-to footwear, great timing! Here are 14 Acne Studios shoes that may be your new loves:

  1.  Acne Studios Black Patent Kytti Ankle Boots

Acne Studios Black Patent Kytti Ankle Boots

Price: US$570.00
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Knock ‘em out with these black patent Kytti ankle boots from Acne Studios. The boots’ style remind us of the ever dependable and chic Chelsea boots, but Acne takes it up a notch by opting for a covered stiletto heel instead of a chunky one. From the pull out tab at the heel collar, elasticized gusset on the sides, pink leather lining to the pointed toes, these ankle shoes are elegant through and through.

  1. Acne Studios Adriana plaque-detailed textured-leather sneakers

Acne Studios Adriana plaque-detailed textured-leather sneakers

Price: US$400.00
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The emoji may say ‘meh’ but the sneakers are quite the opposite. Besides the emoji plaque (which is detachable), what really brings out the appeal of the shoes is the lovely white leather that is textured. Even contributing to the impact are the chunky rubber soles that make you look slightly taller. Made in Italy, the Adriana sneakers are crisp and playful, perfect for the a laid-back weekend when you’ve got errands to run or friends to meet but want to add a fun note on your feet.

  1. Acne Studios Leather Cliffie Boots

Acne Studios Leather Cliffie Boots

Price: US$800.00
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Revamp your collection of boots with Acne Studios’ gorgeous leather Cliffie boots, this one in off-white. The slight creases on the leather give the shoes a worn-in look, and the zip closure in silver is a lovely addition on the back that could doubly work as an glinting accent or a feature that will let your feet have some room. The details don’t end there though, as the 75-millimeter hammered metal heels in blue, bronze and gold are quite a show-stopper. Show your style best with cropped pants or skirts.

  1. Acne Studios Off-White Snake Oddry Ballerina Flats

Acne Studios Off-White Snake Oddry Ballerina Flats

Price: US$520.00
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It is already god-awful to wear heels on weekdays, can you imagine having to wreck your feet even through the weekends? Well, that should not be a problem with these ballerina flats that you can put on if you want to give your feet a break. The off-white shoes are pristine, unique and superbly cute, so it would not look like you’re letting your trendy self go. The snake-embossed leather is flexible, and the elasticized heel collar also helps in putting the shoes with ease. The beige leather lining and the beige and black leather sole give the shoes a lovely finish.

  1. Acne Studios The Pistol leather ankle boots

Acne Studios The Pistol leather ankle boots

Price: US$570.00
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It is difficult to round up a list of best Acne Studios shoes without including the Pistols that has become one of their bestsellers. It has been the object of desire for many stylish women, and the boots to aim for by fashion stores, many of which copied the style. Nothing quite beats the original though, with the design that Acne Studios founder Jonny Johansson says rolls the cowboy, the motorcycle and the riding boot into one. Pistols truly fuse function with form. The lovely boots proves to be popular among celebrities and enthusiasts alike, as they are versatile, beautiful and still sturdy enough to trudge through tough conditions.

  1. Acne Studios Leather Jensen Brush off Booties

Acne Studios Leather Jensen Brush off Booties

Price: US$580.00
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There are very few shoes that could match black booties. They are classic in charm, comfortable to wear, and easy to match with almost everything, indeed the perfect shoes all-year round. Acne Studios’ Jensen brush off booties are beautiful with the smooth black leather alone, but they also have a subtle accent in the form of a gunmetal trim. The shoes have a pointed silhouette, a refined choice of booties that you just need whether it’s at work, on a date or during the weekend. For a comfortable fit, these Jensens also come with elasticated inserts.

  1. Acne Studios Black Tinne Hiking Boots

Acne Studios Black Tinne Hiking Boots

Price: US$620.00
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When you’re a lady always on the go, among the things you need the most are boots made for walking. With this one, you get a pair that can endure even the worst of conditions. The ankle high boots, made in tough-looking nubuck leather, are also something you would be eager to wear. The padded patent leather and the beige leather lining give the nubuck quite a contrast, the silver-tone hardware are quite a sight and the speckled rubber sole provide the right amount of shimmer you need. If you want to make a statement with them booties, you can match them with your trusty denim jeans or even your flowy dress.

  1. Acne Studios Leather Allis Boots

Acne Studios Leather Allis Boots

Price: US$360.00
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When you’re gunning for a modern and chic look, there are few shoes that would fill the part better than a monochromatic boot that just has a hint of a futuristic vibe. The body is crafted with white leather, and the sole in black. Your seemingly everyday boot has a tiny detail that adds to the overall appeal. The gunmetal-tone heel has a cut-out detail that can be easy to overlook but just wouldn’t leave your thoughts once you notice them, and the side zip closure finish the boot very nicely.

  1. Acne Studios Off-White Toney Slippers

Acne Studios Off-White Toney Slippers

Price: US$510.00
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At the end of a long, hard day that has been especially brutal to your feet, don’t you just look forward to to cozy slippers that would give them tootsies much needed softness? Come home to Acne Studios’ off-white toney slippers made out of grained nappa leather. The flats can easily be slipped on and the elasticized collar are not too tight that it constricts your ankles. The leather sole would also feel ultraluxe so you can pamper your feet before you start again with another day.

  1. Acne Studios Black Jilly Sandals

Acne Studios Black Jilly Sandals

Price: US$410.00
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Give your toes some wiggle room with these black sandals in opulent nappa leather. The Acne Studios Jilly sandals have a minimal and modern design, something that truly sets the Swedish company apart. Made in Italy, the black sandals are in nappa leather, making it easier to clean and less prone to dirt. The criss-cross strap with gold-tone studs at the vamp is very eye-catching.

  1. Acne Studios Tessy leather slippers

Acne Studios Tessy leather slippers

Price: US$450.00
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Well, well, well, what do we have here? Leather slippers that you can take outside and still get nods from approving fashionistas, that’s what. The Tessy slippers are simple in design but they can easily be the center of attention , thanks to the expertly made leather exported from Italy. As much as they’re trendy, they’re also crafted with full comfort in mind. The modern square-toe will not pinch your toes and the padded insole will be a delight to your feet. These slippers come with a simple yet striking finish in the form of a slightly elevated heel.

  1. Acne Studios Ester Sandals

Acne Studios Ester Sandals

Price: US$213.00
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Don’t let the scorching heat of the sun become unbearable for your feet. When the others are letting their tootsies sweat through the leather, yours will be happy and fresh in these Ester sandals from Acne Studios. These sandals are made with a front adjustable strap with buckle closure, and the silver-tone hardware polishes the pair. Wearing them will be as easy as walking with them as the rubber sole is lightweight and cushy.

  1. Acne Studios Mike Stone Leather Mules

Acne Studios Mike Stone Leather Mules

Price: US$261.00
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Add some Nordic sense into your collection by getting yourself these Acne Studios Mike Stone leather mules. While they may not be your first thought when thinking of minimalist shoes, the crystal-studded mules are effortlessly unique and appealing. The quality leather in black and white will leave you feeling luxe and dignified in your choice. Made in Italy, the mules’ rubber tap heels make each step a delight. It is customizable too, as the heels come with alternative laces. The heels are recommended to be left folded as in the picture for best fit.

  1. Acne Studios Black & White Drihanna Nappa Sneakers

Acne Studios Black & White Drihanna Nappa Sneakers

Price: US$430.00
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Who knew that chunky can be minimalist? These Acne Studios Drihanna nappa sneakers are bringing back the trend with these sleek shoes that are thick and beautiful. The shoes may not go past the ankles, but what it lacks in length it makes up for broad and soft, white treaded rubber platform soles. With the padded collar and the round toe, the shoes will be snug around the ankles and your digits will be free to wiggle around. The premium leather is embellished with a plaque bearing the label’s iconic emoji logo.

When lots of flash and pizzaz is just not your thing, these minimalist designs are your best bets. With Acne Studios, you know you have shoes that are not only minimalist but also trusted when it comes to quality.

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