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8 Extremely Fetching & Durable Designer Coats for Women

8 Extremely Fetching & Durable Designer Coats for Women

Winter calls for layers and layers of items, only to keep our extremities warm for the freezing weather. Coats are always an essential piece during this season, yet what we are excited about is the amazing collection of coats and winter wear that allows you to look utterly chic and fashionable–fetching, even, as you cover yourself with a dependable and durable designer coat. Our tip: invest on a coat that’s durable enough to withstand time, because a gorgeous coat will always be a handy-dandy piece for the chilly days, year in and year out.

We’ve gathered these 8 stylish designer coats just for you that would be a great addition to your curated wardrobe.



Price: US$4,920.00
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A timeless posh piece that will keep you warm all through-out the day without compromising your polished aesthetics—that is Balmain’s coat is all about. Its elegant mohair-blend boucle fabric is very durable with a soft texture that adds to the femininity of the over-all look. It is tailored to perfection with gold lion imprinted buttons in the front and thigh high slit in the back which helps flatter and elongate your beautiful legs. Indeed, it is a piece to be worn by the sophisticated woman.

  1. BALENCIAGA Shearling Coat

BALENCIAGA Shearling Coat

Price: US$5,600.00
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This coat can speak for itself, it has a lot of attitude and striking rebel charisma that would make any woman feel like a badass girl boss. The shearling fabric reflects comfort and femininity, while the angular design and oversize fit gave an androgynous swag to the ensemble.

  1. ETRO Printed jacquard coat

ETRO Printed jacquard coat

Price: US$2,680.00
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This is utterly a rare find. Etro’s collection prides itself for their craftsmanship and beautiful artistry which is quite visible on this exquisite piece. You can see the detailed prints on the back that portrays scenes from circus acts and green foliage, flowers, jewels on the front that emanates sophistication. Another plus factor is the vibrant the color choice, perfectly complemented by hand painted buttons fastening through the front.



Price: US$7,980.00
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A classic gorgeous leather trench coat from Valentino’s atelier is a piece every minimalist-barbie dolls should have. Featuring the signature buckled cuffs, epaulettes, and a storm flap will not only keep you warm, but also make you look so stylish and on point.

  1. ADAM LIPPES Nude Neutrals Animal Print Coat

ADAM LIPPES Nude Neutrals Animal Print Coat

Price: US$1,590.00
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This stunning leopard printed coat was created to be a show stopper. Though 2018 is the year for pantone hues, animal prints will always be a timeless statement piece which every fashion enthusiast should have in their wardrobe. We also love the over-all nude color of the ensemble that makes it easily wearable on top of any outfit you are wearing.

  1. GUCCI Wool coat

GUCCI Wool coat

Price: US$2,980.00
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This wool coat brims sophistication all over. With unrivalled elegance, Gucci definitely mastered the art of creating pieces for the posh-youthful women of this age. Wear this during a chilly day on top of your casual everyday outfit or go for a glammed look by wearing a beautifully-fitted bodice princess dress and stylish heels.

  1. SIMONETTA RAVIZZA panelled fur coat

SIMONETTA RAVIZZA panelled fur coat

Price: US$31,757.00
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For a colder weather, this paneled fur coat is your best choice. The 100% silk lining composition will help your body temperature adjust from the extreme chills brought by winter. We also love how the sable outer lining adds to the cozy vibe, warmth and luxurious glam this coat exudes.



Price: US$3,685.00
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Alexander McQueen is known for dramatic takes on haute couture ensemble that would take us back in time. Though this piece is subtle in style, it’s still a work of art which is shown on how perfectly stitched and tailored it was. Its tweed fabric has a metallic sheer into it, adding onto the over-all charm of this piece.

Having a quality-made coat is something every woman should have all year round. This designer collection reflects not only an impeccable style, but also the practical side of fashion-lovers. So turn up your styling game by adding in your checklist the durability of the next coat you’ll be purchasing.

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