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7 Sophisticated Black Designer Pants Every Career Woman Should Have

7 Sophisticated Black Pants Every Career Woman Should Possess This 2018

September 2022 Sales (LATEST)

For both men and women, black pants are basically the uniform office bottoms. There isn’t a day you’d find no one in the office wearing this staple, unless it was actively decided that everyone wear colors, which probably never happens. Aside from the fact that it can be reused without anyone noticing (don’t worry, we won’t judge), the many possibilities black pants have keep us coming back to it no matter how far we experiment with eccentric bottoms. For the modern career woman, here are 7 solid pairs that will deem you the queen of office wear.



Buy: US$470.00

To start off, a woman needs a classic pair of black pants, and you can’t ever go wrong with slim-fit trousers. This stretch-cotton Etro pants make space for layering for the cold months and are loose enough for some air to come through on scorching hot days. It’s easy to reach year-round and is the most versatile piece anyone could ever have.

  1. VICTORIA BECKHAM Flared trousers

VICTORIA BECKHAM Flared trousers

Buy: US$950.00

Victoria Beckham wasn’t called Posh Spice for nothing. She knew what she was doing then, and if her clothes are any indication, she sure knows a lot more about being sophisticated now. While no one can really channel that character as perfectly as she does, this high-rise flared trousers gives you a chance to emulate the same kind of grace and splendor.



Buy: US$980.00

Bootcut pants don’t get as much hype and attention as they deserve, but we’ll bet it will be a favorite when you see how much the fit flatters your legs. Since it’s flared only slightly below the knees, the curve gives the illusion of slimmer thighs and bulky buttocks. This Gucci pair also hides part of your shoes, so wear heeled pointy shoes to maximize the elongated effect.

  1. STELLA MCCARTNEY Darci crêpe trousers

STELLA MCCARTNEY Darci crêpe trousers

Buy: US$750.00

Crepe trousers offer a more attainable option for those of us who still can’t seem to veer away from skinnies. Pairing it with a skin-tight top is the most common approach, but for Stella McCartney’s Darci trousers, try it with a slightly-shorter-than-normal blazer to fully embody the career woman in you.

  1. Ellery Black ‘The Wild Wild’ Full Flare Trousers

Ellery Black 'The Wild Wild' Full Flare Trousers

Buy: US$1,195.00

Flared pants may have been overthrown by the skinny silhouette, but its reach in terms of style is far and wide. Ellery’s The Wild Wild trousers epitomizes just how pronounced a big flare could be. This takes a lot of guts to wear in the office, but when you do, expect the hallways from the elevator to your desk to turn into your own fashion runway.

  1. 3.1 Phillip Lim Black Origami Pleated Trousers

3.1 Phillip Lim Black Origami Pleated Trousers

Buy: US$460.00

Pleats are associated with women’s clothing such as skirts and dresses. When you put it on trousers, as with this 3.1 Phillip Lim pair, it immediately gives out a feminine flair to match up the straight cut. A detachable faux leather belt is included to tie a ribbon with for a finishing touch.

  1. STEFFEN SCHRAUT Tapered Pants


Buy: US$157.00

Though majority of office wear bias leans towards trousers, skinny pants are just too irresistible not to include. Tapered pants offer a way to incorporate both as it’s formfitting and gets skinnier by the hem. These tapered pants from Steffen Schraut will provide the office vibes common trousers usually do, but also the comfort and familiarity of a skinny fit.

Black pants are one of those things a girl can’t have too many of. For the most part, it’s one that you’ll never regret buying and that everything in your closet matches with.

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