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6 Extremely Gorgeous and Seductive Leggings for Women

6 Extremely Gorgeous and Seductive Leggings for Women

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With the rising popularity of fitness and wellness, many of us have turned to the regular black or solid-colored leggings that we can secretly reuse at the gym the next day without anyone noticing. Not that there’s anything wrong with that – maybe just a bit unhygienic – but we forget that it used to be a fun and experimental clothing that we wore on its own or under dresses, skirts, shorts, and even pants that was more an expressive touch to our outfits than a necessary layering piece.

It’s about time leggings get back on rotation in our wardrobe for everyday wear, and not just for workout and gym outfits. Try these 6 options and you just might find a long-suppressed love for leggings.

  1. Alexander Wang Sleek Stretch-Leather Leggings

Alexander Wang Sleek Stretch-Leather Leggings

Price: US$1,600.00
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Hopefully you never forgot about leather leggings and the abundance of appeal you give off when you wear them. Still the sexiest of the bunch, leather leggings are the type of clothing that has the ability to change your mood no matter how frail and flimsy you feel on the inside. When you wear them, you feel a power ignite in you.

From a practical perspective though, it’s great to fight off the cold. These stretch-leather leggings from Alexander Wang doesn’t compromise comfort for style, so you’ll surely get the best wear from it.

  1. Dolce & Gabbana Sleek Metallic Jacquard Leggings

Dolce & Gabbana Sleek Metallic Jacquard Leggings

Price: US$895.00
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Looking antique because of the pastel-pink, antique-rose, emerald colors, and the blossoms print, you’ll feel especially vintage and unique when you wear these Dolce & Gabbana leggings made with jacquard fabric. The metallic materials creates an elegant shine when hit by light, so it’ll contribute to a fancy look when worn with the right top and heels.

  1. Fendi Wonders Coated Black Stretch Leggings

Fendi Wonders Coated Black Stretch Leggings

Price: US$500.00
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The ‘Wonders’ leggings are made with a black stretch material and coated all over with Fendi’s monster eyes. It’s the kind that can be used at the gym for an extra stylish detail to your standard black leggings, or just out and about during your errands day for comfort, convenience, and mellow glam.

  1. Gucci Pink Lace Leggings

Gucci Pink Lace Leggings

Price: US$650.00
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From the usual colors and materials, this Gucci pair goes unconventional as it comes in an almost sheer coral pink lace. It’s a bit of a challenge to style for obvious reasons but this one is for those who are up for an outfit experiment and who are not afraid to look different. At the very least, it could be a very fancy layering piece.

  1. Gucci Crystal-Embellished Stretch-Mesh Luxury Leggings

Gucci Crystal-Embellished Stretch-Mesh Luxury Leggings

Price: US$3,980.00
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Even if you swore never to wear leggings as a fashion piece, you can’t deny that this pair is absolutely gorgeous. It’s definitely the shimmery crystals that makes this irresistible, so much so that Rihanna also couldn’t resist it and wore it to Coachella. The sheer stitching adds a delicate feel to it and brings out such a beautiful femininity.

  1. The Row Moto Suede Leggings

The Row Moto Suede Leggings

Price: US$2,090.00
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Suede bottoms are rare to come by; leggings in suede are even more rare. This piece from The Row definitely answers that need. The material is already fancier than others commonly used for leggings, and with a style that hugs your legs perfectly, it’s the more comfortable option to alternate your jeans with.

Opinions on leggings differ significantly, but these items only say one thing: they could be more than what they’re commonly known for, which is as workout bottoms. If you’re on a mission to find your fashion sense, don’t forget to try these less-appreciated but versatile item.

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