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Zimmermann Fall 2019 Ready-To-Wear Collection Review


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Zimmermann Fall 2019 Ready-To-Wear Collection Review
There was a beautiful irony displayed at Zimmermann's Fall 2019 show. Inspired by Nancy Wake, a real-life World War II spy, an interpretation of her style presented a very special case for modern women today: the more attention-grabbing your outfit is, the more mysterious you appear. We're not sure if this is true or not, but one's thing is for certain—this was an incredibly beautiful show!
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Before characters such as James Bond and Jason Bourne came onto the mainstream, there were already female spy figures that changed the course of history. One real-life example was Nancy Wake, a World War II secret agent from New Zealand who helped Europe fight against the Axis powers. Today, she was put front and center at Zimmermann’s Fall 2019 show, which featured a modern interpretation of what her wardrobe would have looked like. “I loved the idea of such a feminine, skillful, and selfless figure—a woman who helped people in the most difficult of circumstances.” shared Nicky Zimmermann. Here, her own version of Wake’s style had an extremely feminine tone, but a subversive one at that. Painterly florals, miles of ruffles and frills, and hints of leopard prints attributed to the traditional feminine vibes, but there was also a confidence there that was all too modern. This confidence allowed today’s Zimmermann woman to pile on as many prints and frills on herself as possible, in it that the more she was eye-catching, the more mysterious she’ll appear. But in this day and age, does this sort of beauty really still resonate? For many women out there, possibly, but for us, it’s an open question. We just feel that all this floatiness, while desirable, does nothing for the modern woman. Most of the looks featured here were almost caricature-like, to the point that they may as well take these to Hollywood to be used as costumes for a period film. In real-life, strong women don’t wear frilly numbers like these on the street, and if Nicky Zimmermann can’t wrap her mind around that, she has a real problem moving forward!

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