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Zara Floral High Top Review

Zara Floral High Top Sneakers Review

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Zara Floral High Top Sneakers Review
Zara Floral High Top Review
A bit of adornment and fine detailing does go far in the fashion industry and in the shoe business. With floral embellishments, the Zara Floral High Top sneakers is recognizable from the rest of modern styles found in the market today, making it a one-of-a-kind shoes you will need in your closet. It is true, a stylish, fashion-forward and competitively-price shoes like this should never be passed-up.
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We know, white sneakers have been spotted everywhere, and in different styles and silhouettes for that matter. But let’s be honest here for a moment, it is the black pieces that manage to become iconic in the long run. Sure, you have a pair or two of white blazer and white pants but will they stay long enough to be worn for the rest of your life, or even be passed down to your children? We doubt that. After all, it is the the all-black ensembles that receive the praise of being the timeless go-to statement pieces. This same principle applies to shoes, trust us. 

Spanish fashion brand, Zara, knows this fact very well and uses it effectively while they try to keep up with the ever-changing fashion scene. As a matter of fact, its modern take on black sneakers, with the launch of its black Floral High Top Sneakers, is proof enough of Zara’s fashion acumen.

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Release Year: 2018
Prices: $59.90 – $69.90

One to follow on trends, Zara put its own twist on the comfy sock-style sneakers loved by many today. Competitively priced against luxury labeled sneakers with the same stretchy upper, Zara launched its distinct offering to great anticipation this 2018. They sell at around $59.90 to $69.90 among different shopping sites. 


If there is one thing about this pair of shoes from Zara, it’s that it is not your average sneakers. In fact, it is far from your ordinary black sneakers as the Zara Floral High Top is embellished with flower-shaped diamanté that covers the upper. This lavish adornment gives the surprisingly lightweight shoes a distinct characteristic that can easily liven any look.  Fashion enthusiasts who enjoy attention-grabbing details will surely fall in love with the shoes’ contemporary style, especially since it will help you put your mind at ease when it comes to glamorizing a simple outfit.

What’s more, with its sock-style structure made with stretchy material, the Zara Floral High Top conform to your feet without completely restricting it. In fact, it is undeniable how comfortable the shoe feels. With this, we bet you will want to wear it pretty much year-round.


The sock-style structure of the Zara Floral High Top is arguably inspired by the latest trend of athleisure in the growing shoe market. However, if you are looking for a pair of sneakers that performs well in the athletics department, then this particular pair of shoe may not be yours for the taking. The embellishment found on the upper of the shoe points it toward the style-first arena, making it extremely challenging for training or running purposes.  

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