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Zafferano by Odori Review

Zafferano by Odori Review 1

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Zafferano by Odori Review
If you’re expecting to find saffron in Zafferano, you will, but it would take effort to point it out. That was the case for u, at least, and we’re not sure if that is what saffron lovers would want especially with a high asking price for this Odori creation. This also isn’t the most creative or long-lasting of fragrances around. If you can get past that though, you can appreciate it for its light sophistication and smoky quality, as well as the how the sweet rose is made deeper with the other listed notes.
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We find that the sweet rose is given more depth by resinous accords
Sophisticated even when it is light, slightly smoky
Saffron admirers may be disappointed to find the note very faint and hard to detect here
Lacks the power to stay on for most of the day
Woody, soapy drydown is a snooze
Very pricey despite lacking creativity
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Enzo Galardi is the nose behind Zafferano. It was released in 2008 by Odori, and supposedly places the focus on saffron the most, hence the name. It does have the accord, but it is not as dominant as expected. Other notes include cedar, rose, lily of the valley, amber and jasmine.

Zafferano by Odori Review 2

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