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Top 40 Women’s Fashion Blogs to Follow in 2018

Top 40 Women's Fashion Blogs to Follow in 2018 - Featured Image Updated

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As soon as the shift took place from fashion being exclusive for elites to its availability to the mass market, many women started to dress up more freely. More women got access to high quality stylish clothing being sold at relatively lower prices. And with the introduction of the new media, celebrities have become fashion icons.

The development of the internet saw the rise of people blogging and sharing in their personal accounts their interests and lifestyle. This includes fashion. Through time, more women have come out to social media and other blogging sites to express and inspire others to dress up and to look and feel their best. More than being influencers, they are inspiration to other women. Some like to dress up with what is on-trend, while others always think one step ahead. And because we want you to understand the power and significance of fashion and be inspired by them, we listed below the top 40 women’s fashion blogs to follow in 2018. Take note that these entries are not enumerated in a specific order. Each blog is different from others and we love them all just the same.

  1. Coco and Vera

Coco and Vera

The blog, Coco and Vera, was launched in 2010 by Canadian writer, Cee Fardoe. Coco and Vera is a reflection of the blogger’s passion for travel and passion, and her love for Paris. Coco and Vera’s fashion is about effortless, elegant, and intelligent dressing. For Cee, you can always fit style regardless of your schedule. Cee Fardoe works hand in hand with her husband, Lloyd, an award-winning photographer.

  1. Sincerely Jules

Sincerely Jules

With its minimalist site and attractive photographs, it is no surprise why what was then a simple creative outlet has become among the leading fashion blogs in the industry. Sincerely Jules was founded in 2009 by Julie Sariñana, who owns and serves as the Creative Director of the shop by the blog’s name, Sincerely Jules. Among our favorites from her entries are the hot summer looks and her daily casual or business casual outfits.

  1. Vanessa Venturi

Vanessa Venturi

Another fashion blog to follow this 2018 is Vanessa Venturi’s. While it is relatively a new fashion blog after having been created only in 2014, the London-based blogger did not fail to impress us with sophisticated and stylish outfits that show her Italian roots and the influence of London. What more is her fun and informative articles that will also guide you in finding your style.

  1. Sea of Shoes

Sea of Shoes Blogger Jane Aldridge

Sea of Shoes is among the pioneers of fashion blogging. Launched in 2007, Sea of Shoes was a creation of Jane Aldridge, who at the age of sixteen, was already covered by Vogue. Sea of Shoes started out as a photo diary of her style until it was developed with editorial content and photography. Her blog features her style that is greatly inspired by the different color palette, prints, and trends. Jane also ventured in lifestyle content blogging on beauty, travel, interiors, and even shopping site.

  1. Kayture


We believe that every stylish woman has a fashion icon, popular or unknown, that has greatly influenced her personal style. For some, it could be music or art. And this is exactly what we feel in Kayture, the blog site of 23-year old author and singer, Kristina Bazan. Her blog is curated excellently giving its followers a glipmse of her style and art. Kristina has previously worked with luxurious fashion houses and has been on the covers of fashion magazines.

  1. Freddie Harrel

Freddie Harrel

If there is another thing we love about Freddie Harrel apart from her beautiful big hair, that is her fun and bold style. Born in Paris, but Freddie Harrel had her heart stolen by the beautiful London. She worked as a digital strategist and personal stylist untile she started blogging. There is so much love and admiration for this blog because apart from showing her style, she inspires more people to feel confident about themselves like how fashion did.

  1. Samantha Maria

Samantha Maria

Her chic and minimalist feed makes her blog an easy standout. While you may recognize the blogger, Samantha Maria, as a Youtuber, she has consistently been updating her bloog since 2009 with her daily outfits, fashion inspiration, and editorial content. The blog features Sam’s desire to showcase her outfits, some of which include affordable items and other odd designer pieces. The blog also talks about food, beauty, travel and other inspirational content.

  1. Happily Grey

Happily Grey

While some women has a specific style they follow, others describe their style as unplanned just like the Happily Grey blog. In this blog, Mary shares her style that is reflective of her mood for that day, something which many women can relate to. This makes her blog a must-visit for this year.

  1. Wendy’s Lookbook

Wendy's Lookbook

With the power of internet, fashion inspiration now comes in digital form. Wend’s Lookbook is Wendy Nguyen’s personal blog where she gets to share her daily outfits and fashion tips. Wendy guides you through her favorite fashion items, from florals, casual outfit, to gladiator and other sandals, and shows you how to rock them all.

  1. The Chriselle Factor

The Chriselle Factor

We all love the minimalist and sophisticated pages that all these bloggers exhibit in their site. One instant favorite is The Chriselle Factor. We love how the page is organized that it is readable and inviting. But what we love more is the fashion outfits she sport in her everyday and during special occasions. Starting off her career as a stylist, we are confident that women can pick up a lot about fashion from this expert.

  1. Fashion Me Now

Fashion Me Now

By now we have probably come to realize that fashion is indeed a language. But apart from that it is a tool to build confidence about yourself. In her blog, Fashion Me Now, London-based fashion editor Lucy Williams takes you to on-trend and fashion-forward inspirations you will love. Her blog is filled with editorial photographs that reminds you of the most famous fashion magazines.

  1. In The Frow

In The Frow

In her blog, In the Frow, Victoria takes you to her wardrobe as she shares photos of her fashion arsenals. She gives her readers ideas on how to wear different types of women’s clothing and influences them to making it their own. Having been a blogger since 2012 and an earner of a PhD in Fashion, Victoria has so much to offer in her blog. Apart from fashion, she also takes you to other dimensions of food, beauty, travel, and life.

  1. Raindrops of Sapphire

Raindrops of Sapphire

The Raindrops of Sapphire is a personal blog of Lorna that gives you a glimpse of everything she loves about life, especially fashion. Lorna has a great obssession and interest about jeans that has opened doors for her blogging and design career. Today, she aims to inspire other women to go after what they love through her blog.

  1. Glam and Glitter

Glam and Glitter

Tamara Kalinic welcomes you to her world of glam and glitter. In her blog, she connects to other people while getting a chance to share about her passion and life interests.She started blogging as a hobby, but fell in love with it and since then, wrote about fashion, beauty, and travel. As to her style, she would describe it as a “blend of pieces from chic, modern, and sophisticated lines.”

  1. Forever Amber

Forever Amber

New moms will definitely be hooked with this personal blof of another new mom, Amber. A self-confessed collector of shoes and dresses, Amber turned what was originally a diary that would document her husband’s post-kidney transplant and their wedding, into a fashion and lifestyle blog with an intention of inspiring other people everyday.

  1. Coco’s Tea Party

Coco's Tea Party

Coco’s Tea Party is a fashion blog that features modern and minimalist page design. Against the white background, the crisp and vibrant photographs just standout. This blog was created in 2006 by a then 16-year old girl who was head-over-heels with fashion. A decade later, Coco’s Tea Party rose to being among the most read fashion blogs in the internet.

  1. The Frugality

For women who are living on a budget, the blog, The Frugality, will remind you that fashion is for everyone, even if you have bills to pay. Today, there are fashion brands that offer stylish clothing at a relatively accessible price. And this blog will help you look and feel your best while being mindful of your expenses.

  1. 5 Inch and Up

5 inch and up

Founded in 2009 by Sandra Hagelstam, the blog 5 Inch and Up shows you her love on fashion and high heels. She works with an award-winning photograph to produce editorial photographs that make her blog a wonderland for many fashion enthusiasts and even bloggers like her. Following through her blog, you will wish to live in her shoes.

  1. Song of Style

The blog, Song of Style, is a personal diary of blogger and Youtuber, Aimee Song. Her blog has helped and inspired a lot of women in the aspects of fashion, design, and even DIY. Aimee features a bunch of Pinterest-worthy photographs you wish you have taken for your own blog. What we like about Song of Style is  her informative content that allows her readers to learn about anything.

  1. Gabi Fresh

The blog Gabi Fresh recorded its beginings in 2008 right after she graduated from college. Her love for fashion and the lack of resources for women size 14 and up lead to the creation of the blog. The blog features photographs and contents that involve daily outfits and fashion advice that  she wanted to share to other women like her. The blog is an inspiring and empowering site that communicates to many women to be confident about themselves, embrace their body, and pick out a clothing you love not because it is what the rules that society asked yout to wear.

  1. Negin Mirsalehi

Another impeccable fashion icon in the world of blogging is Negin Mirsalehi. This gorgeous woman has inspired a lot of women to looking and feeling beautiful. Hence, her Influencer of the Year Award she received from Revolve last year. Her blog is a pool of photos featuring stylish, modern, and chic outfits she wore in her agenda and trips.

  1. Amlul


The blog,, is Gala Gonzalez’s personal platform to express her highly personal and effortless style. Gala works as a creative director and stylist known by many publishers for her madcap approach when it comes to fashion. Her blog posts are reflective of how she lives her everyday life. Amlul features superb photographs expected from A-list bloggers like her.

  1. The Fashion Eaters

The Fashion Eaters is a fashion blog featuring fashion writer and stylist, Tine Andrea. Her passion for fashion is evident by her posts tackling her daily outfit and other editorial content. She offers a fresh look on boths classics and trends, but still relatable and easy to copy by other people.

  1. Fashion Toast

Fashion Toast is an excellently curated blog that features the fearless fashion of Rumi, which suggests freedom and individuality, two things that people have to understand about fashion. In her blog, Rumi creates artistic photographs and articles that showcase her style and personality.

  1. The Atlantic Pacific

Another fashion blog to follow this 2018 is The Atlantic Pacific by Blair. In her blog, she shares photographs of her outfits characterized by their femininity. Her looks range from quirky to timeless classic, or both. The photos that come in bright, attractive colors give so much richness to her blog. And there she is, Blaire, in her sunglasses, bold lips, polished nails, and high heels.

  1. Extra Petite

Extra Petite

Believing that fashion goes beyond one’s height and size, Jean Wang, in her blog Extra Petite, shows women just like her how to look stylish and feel confident through fashion. We would characterize her looks as sophisticated, classic, and timeless. She shares fashion inspiration for dressing up to work, travel, for a casual day, or a special occasion.

  1. Curvily Fashion

Curvily Fashion

For plus-size or curvy women, dressing tends to be a daunting task and depressing experience. But with women, like Curvily Fashion, a lot of plus-size women have realized that they are beautiful and that they can anything they look as fashion looks beyond shape and size. Head on to Curvily Fashion blog and be inspired by her gorgeous outfit ideas.

  1. Gary Pepper Girl

Feels like a magazine spread, the Gary Pepper Girl blog, screams fashion and style. The blog was founded by award-winning blogger who has appeared in fashionmagazine covers, Nicole Warne. Her blog is an eye-candy for fashion enthusiast with superior quality photographs and superbly written content. No wonder, she has been recognized by the industry as a true gem in fashion blogging.

  1. Gal Meets Glam

A glamorous and fashionable lady, Julia Engel, takes us to her world where gal meets glam. She communicates sophistication and chic through her almost perfect photographs. Gal Meets Glam is a generous blog with its fashion inspiration and impeccable informative articles on fashion and more.

  1. Nicolette Mason

Ready to bring you major fashion inspiration this 2018, head on to Nicolette Mason’s blog. Nicolette was a contributor to Marie Claire Magazine and now with Glamour and Teen Vogue, among others. Living her life in Los Angeles and New York City, her fashion is greatly influenced by these two cities.

  1. Peace Love Shea

If you love the Southern California, then you will be in paradise browsing through the fashion blog of Shea Marie’s Peace Love Shea. She will show you her hottest and latest outfits that will spark the inner fashionista in you. For women who have the same style as her, then her blog will be of big help when it comes to new fashion ideas.

  1. Zanita

The fashion blog, Zanita, is an output of the collective efforts of Zanita and her team. The new and improved Zanita blog comes with an editorial face in terms of photos and content. It started as Zanita’s personal blog in 2008. She featured runway coverage and exclusives and exquisite editorial. Today, she inspires women, bloggers or not, take cues from the beauty of fashion.

  1. Tuula Vintage

Tuula Vintage

Tuala Vintage by Jessica Stein is a personal lifestyle blog that documents her life as a mom and her travels. Inspire the wanderlust in you  in Jessica’s documentation of her travels to differents parts of the world and how she conquered those places looking and feeling absolutely great with ther fashionable clothing.

  1. Jessi Malay

Jessi Malay

Jessi Malay is a woman with sophistication. She features her various interests and that includes fashion. Hers is exquisite and full of personality. The blog reveals the bloggers’ definition of fashion and style. Women like her will definitely have a lot of things to get inspiration from.

  1. Little Miss Mon Bon

Little Miss Mon Bon

The Little Mis Mon Bon is a personal diary of a 20-something from Perth. She seeks to showcase a fashion blog with a difference that is by being real and true to one’s self. What you see is what you get. Her blog is an accurate depiction of her life- interests, experiences, and priorities.

  1. Man Repeller


The term man repeller means differently to different people. For this fashion blog, Man Repeller means that an interest of a woman in fashion does not in any way minimize her intellect. The blog shows the spirit of freedom and individuality.

  1. Camille Over The Rainbow

Camille Over The Rainbow

The Camille Over The Rainbow blog was launched in 2010  by Camille propelled by her love for travel and fashion. Her blog features her distinct taste for fashion featuring both emerging and luxurious fashion. In her blog, followers get more than daily fashion inspiration.

  1. Aleali May

Aleali May

For women who are planning to build their own fashion blog will definitely get a lot of inspiration from Her blog comes out minimalist withput compromising visual satisfaction. The blog features carefully curated photos that really show not only the blogger’s style, but personality, as well.

  1. This Time Tomorrow

This Time Tomorrow

Living in fashion hotspot, New York, Krystal explores through words and photos her interests in travel, art, style, and dating. The aesthetics of her blog is indeed exquisite worthy of your following. In her blog, you will see her inclination towards the timeless Manolo pumps and midi length dress.

  1. Blake Von D

Blake Von D

A lawyer and digital influencer, Blake Vond, seeks to empower women through fashion. For the blogger, fashion is an art. It is about expressing one’s self. Her blog shows that and her readers have acknowledged such fact. Hence, the thousands of following she gets every month.

If you have any fashion blogs that you want listed on this page please let us know either in the comment section below or send us an email here.

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