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Women’s Fashion Accessories

by Jeremiah Say

When it comes to fashion, we spend so much of our time on the clothes we wear. And it is not a surprise that the majority of the space in our closet is intended for the staple pieces. But in every situation, we look at the mirror and still find that something is missing or you are not just feeling the finish product. This could be because we overlook the importance of accessories in building up a good fashion machine.

Accessories are must-have pieces for every woman. Observe that the most stylish women in the fashion industry include those who pay big attention to accessorizing. Indeed, we can assume that women’s accessories really play a big role in one’s aesthetics. In the words of top designer Michael Kors, “Accessories is an exclamation point to a woman’s outfit.”

The accessories bind the pieces we wear in order to create a more coherent look. Not only that, even with a few pieces in the closet, if you have ample accessories, you can create variety to your look. This means that accessories promote versatility but more importantly, saves you the money. Moreover, these women’s accessories define one’s personality and sense of style. No doubt, accessorizing is just one way to express your self. As a result, the accessories you wear polish your look and let your style and fashion speak.

It is also true how accessories can gear up the excitement we feel in dressing up. Getting ourselves new pieces make us look forward to more fun and stylish days ahead.


Women’s accessories have been around for such a long time, some of which can be traced back to the early civilization like necklaces, which was believed to have been in existence in between 4,200- 3,400 BC. But most literature of today starts with their narrative of the history of women’s accessories in 1700s where women the elite use handful of accessories signifying their rank in the society. These accessories include chemise, the protective decency skirt, fan, and handkerchief. Women in the 1700s were also fond of wearing cap and hat that comes in different styles. Some of the most prominent women at that time were painted with their hats on. Jewelries were part of a woman’s outfit but not that much in the second half of the 1700s.

A century later came the fancy shawl, which were made from delicate and lightweight materials. Among the most popular choices were wool shawl and tulle shawl, which was an ideal piece to suit evening dresses. It was during the 19th century that the hat fashion flourished from caps to hats which have only become more outrageous as the years went by. Apart from that, women also started sporting turban and poke bonnets. These accessories were even adorned with feathers, lace, and flowers. Throughout the 1800s, other fashion trends include parasol and dainty jewelries like embellished hair comb.

Fast forward to the vibrant 1920s, a lot of accessories were influenced by countries like China, Russia and Japan. The hats took over the fashion scene with the rise of cloche hats. It bell-like silhouette adds height to one’s frame and this hat perfectly complements the flapper look of the 1920s. Different types of cloches emerged and designed with Art Deco. In the 1930s, women shifted from short brim to wide brims. It was also during this decade that crowned hats were worn at a tilted angle adding sophistication to any look. However, as the Second World War took place, women have slowly abandoned the use of stylish and elaborate hats and opted the knitted hats, hoods, and berets.

The 1950s was indeed a loaded decade in terms of women’s accessories. Hats were still there, but this time with adornment of fresh blooms. Balenciaga was instrumental to giving birth the hat of the decade when it introduced its pillbox. Berets were likewise made available in velvet and suede. However, as women marched to hair salons donning huge hairstyles, hats became less popular. But it was a big year for the cosmetic industry. The development of colored televisions had a big impact on the use of make up that brought lipstick and eye shadows to the forefront.

Women of the 1950s were also big fans of fashionable gloves, commonly made from leather and cotton, and were manufactured in various colors. Their clothes were likewise embellished with furs, while eyewear became a big hit in the market. The spectacles of the 50s featured glittered or diamonds staying true to the glamorous decade. It was also during this time that women became obsessed with five to six-inch stilettos with metal tips.

Three decades after, in 1980s, the world got to know about power dressing. As a result, women have incorporated jewelries to their looks. Huge pairs of earrings was a trend and so were gold, pearl and diamond-set jewelries. Indeed, the 80s was about the glitz and the glamour. Square-shaped shawl was developed in rich patterns. The decade also saw the revival of hats as inspired by the royalties who color-coordinate their outfits with tonal hats.

Indeed, the women’s accessories we know of today have been in the world of fashion for a long time. And it is very interesting to know how they have evolved through time. Today, we still rely on these fundamental accessories, although innovated and improved, to fuel up our everyday look.

Women’s Necklaces

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Sometimes, a woman’s necklace is more than just a decorative item. It comes with a sentimental value usually given as an heirloom especially from mothers or grandmothers to their daughter or granddaughter. But in the present time, this tradition has become less apparent. Today, a lot of women are sporting statement necklaces that complement their looks. They come in different lengths, size, material, and design, each of which caters to varying personalities and for different purposes.

Women’s Bracelets

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In the most casual and most extravagant days, we turn to bracelets to complete our look. We love how bracelets do not overpower the clothes we wear but stunning enough to capture and draw attention to its grace and presence. They come in a variety of designs that include leather bracelet for the most casual day out with friends or colorful beaded bracelets perfect for summer. Other popular choices perfect for dolling up are the bangles, cuff bracelets, pearl bracelets, gemstone bracelet, and diamond-set bracelets.

Women’s Earrings

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Most of us have definitely grown up with at least a pair of earrings around. At such a young age, our parents take us to jewelry stores to get one for us, most often, gemstone earrings. Several earrings are available for both the young and the adult and each pair conveys a story that waits to be told. They come in different sizes; others like a dot, while some even as big as bracelets like the hoops. Earrings can be a stud one or wire hook, dangling, drop, chandelier, or hoop. The style varies just as the materials used like gold, pearl, gem, stainless steel, platinum, wood, and even leather and textile. Of course, picking the right one for you may depend on other contributing factors like color, occasion, and face shape.

Women’s Scarves

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Meant to keep us both stylish and cozy, a scarf is indeed an all-year-round accessory. There are a lot of ways to wear the scarf, which depends on the occasion or your preference. Even with plain white shirt and a pair of jeans and sneakers, the outfit comes out chic and model-like with a scarf draped around your neck. For summer, neck scarves never run out of style. There are also heavier scarves made from thicker materials that go well during the winter season. What we love most about scarves is the fact that they come in hundred of designs from plain colors to the florals, geometric, and other bold prints. This means you have a lot of designs to choose from.

Women’s Sunglasses

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Block out the harmful ultraviolet rays from direct sunlight that damage the eye area by wearing a pair of sunglasses. What started out as a tool to maintain eye health has now become a staple fashion accessory as seen from the thousands of paparazzi shots taken on the world’s most famous celebrities. The sunglasses are made available in different made, color and shape, which are deemed significant factors to determine which pair is the right one for your face shape and preference.

Women’s Wallets

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Notwithstanding the prominence of handbags that are small enough to hold a woman’s bare essentials, we still make sure we have a wallet in our reach. Wallets help organize cash, coins, and cards. They organize these essentials like no other accessory could. They may come in different sizes, but wallets are generally handy, such a convenient characteristic we cannot let go. The wallets in the market come in traditional or classic design, or the modern ones. They come in different designs using various materials like leather and fabric. As to styles, they could be a coin, clutch, envelope, travel, checkbook, bifold, trifold, or wristlet wallet.

Women’s Belts

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Primarily designed to keep the trousers or pants secured and in place, the function of women’s belts has extended to include fashion. Now, belts come in various colors, sizes and shapes that you can sport anyhow you like. You have those that wrap the natural waist of a woman, or those that cling onto the empire waist or hips. Belts could also be skinny or wide belts, the former being more classic and sophisticated. Women’s belts are available in leather, suede, braided, and even elastic. Moreover, the modern time found belts used as a layering item either over or under a garment.

Women’s Hats

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There are so many things to learn and love about the fashion sense of French girls, one of them is their fondness for hats. What French or Parisian girls wear, we should also. Apart from the protection from the hat, we cannot deny the added sophistication and stylishness they exude. They come in different colors and style, of which the more popular include the beret, skimmer hats, baseball cap, apple hat, beret, beanie, floppy hats, fedora, and cloche hats. Women’s hats are great accessories regardless of the weather, from summer to winter.

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