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Women’s Fashion Bags

by Jeremiah Say

No stylish woman comes out of her house without a bag in her hand carrying the things she needs or the things she cannot live without. Bags for women embody both function and fashion. We are pretty sure that every woman has at least one functional and stylish bag in her closet, most have even almost all or all types of bags, each of which is designed to serve its purpose. Indeed, a woman can never have too many bags.

A bag is an extension of a person as it readily shows her sense of style, priorities, and even social status. We cannot help but be mindful of the bag that a person sports with his or her outfit. You may already know hoe powerful they can be when it comes to fashion. An inappropriate bag to match your outfit can easily bring a 180-degree turn your look. But, if you equip yourself with the perfect bag to complement your clothes, you will surely have a flawless ensemble.

There are endless options for women when it comes to bags. They come in different sizes, material used, color, and design. Both teenage girls and women have this amusing fascination towards bags, especially because even in the modern times, a bag is of great importance. For the hardworking women, their bags carry their lives, by that we mean all the papers, documents, and items that are closely related to their lifestyle.

Nonetheless, finding the right bag for you or investing upscale bags entails deliberation with yourself as to what you love, for what purpose it may save you, what makes it different from the bags you already have, and of course, if you are capable of maintaining and preserving the bag for a long time.


Like other fashion pieces, women’s bags have went through a lot in the past. The evolution of bags will show us what bags were like in the early times and how they have become what they are now. So let us take a stroll down memory lane.

Among the earliest recorded use of bags in the 14th century by both men and women in the form of drawstring bags. They would tie their bags around the waist to hold their valuables like money. The bags of women were embellished with some ornaments. Meanwhile, in the next century, purses and pouches emerged and were given as gifts by the groom to their bride. As women’s clothing became more exaggerated, this time with fuller skirts, women started to keep their bags or pockets underneath their skirts. These pockets came in pair and were hung from the hip.

In the 19th century, the invention of train and the development of the concept of traveling manifested the need for hand-held luggage. Hence, the birth of luggage. Moreover, the during the Classicism era, as women’s fashion shifted from full skirts to straight-line dresses with high-waist silhouette, there was no more coverage for thigh bags. They then used reticule, the first handbag, to hold their items. These reticules, made from fabric, attach to either a chord or chain.

As the Industrial Revolution set in, new materials and techniques were formulated to create women’s bags. Iron and steel were utilized to manufacture bags. This also resulted to the production of new designs and models like hand luggage.

As the Second World War came to a close, more women sported bags as fashion pieces with more striking designs. These bags were carried under the arms as a style and for practicality purposes. Moreover, as more women were employed, they needed a bag that can carry their growing list of essentials, which is the reason why document cases were created. Recognizing the many roles a woman could play, daytime bags as well as metal clutches have likewise become popular.

It was the 20th century that placed handbags in the limelight. Because of the increasing demands of women for stylish and functional handbags, a lot of brands, which feature handbags as their flagship creations, were established. We know them today as top and upscale brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Hermès, and Prada. Since then, launching of collections has included releases of designer handbags as important accessories.


There are so many interesting things about women’s bags that you may not have learned in the past. So we list down some of the most interesting and amusing facts that talk about women’s bags.

  • Survey says that women own an average of six handbags.
  • The term “handbag” was first used in 1900 in reference to men’s briefcases.
  • The word luggage came from the verb “lug,” which means to drag. This word was officially printed into the English dictionary in 1596.
  • In using the word luggage in his masterpiece, Henry IV, Shakespeare was the first one to cite this word.
  • The word “backpack” was only coined in 1910 and prior that year, the same was referred to as knapsack or packsack.
  • It was in 1923 that the first handbag to feature a zipper closure was launched, which is the Hermes Bolide bag.
  • Study says that when asked to choose a bag, men are more likely to pick based on the brand than women, who are more attentive to design.
  • One of the most expensive handbags in the world was created by a Japanese designer in 2008. The bag was crafted from platinum with about 2,000 diamonds as embellishment, thereby valuing it at $2 million. In 2010, Mouawad 1001 Nights Diamond Purse was launched and was priced at nearly $4 million.

Shoulder Bags

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As girls grow to become ladies, they tend to stop wearing their backpacks for school and try out the ultimate bags for the grown-up- the shoulder bag. Young women and seasoned ones find sophistication in shoulder bags, while making sure they got everything they need in one bag. Shoulder bags come in different shapes and sizes. This means that women have a wide range of selection of shoulder bags that they can wear to work or to a brunch with friends, or meetings. One of the reasons why a shoulder bag is popular among women is because of its ability to transform itself into an everyday bag that working women would love to have.

Clutch Bags

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Perfect for day to night agenda, clutch bags come out chic and elegant in different designs. These clutch bags are relatively smaller than others, but they find their own spot when it comes to formal events. Today, however, clutch bags are designed to be a desirable piece for casual and street fashion. They are perfect for night out as they are for shopping in the metropolis. Clutches are available in sizes that are well enough to hold your bare essentials. It is handy and lightweight, and for added convenience, some clutches are even equipped with straps.

Tote Bags

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The functionality of a tote bag and the ample room it offers for your belongings makes it a big hit for women who do carry a lot of things with them. They come in different materials from fabric, canvass, and leather. Tote bags are great alternative to backpack packaged to be more sophisticated and classic. For young women who like a ladylike bag without opting for the more formal shoulder bag, totes are great options, especially for college students who like to keep their stuff organized. Moreover, tote bags look beautiful in the city as it is by the beach.


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Backpacks are among the most reliable and durable bags we could ever get. They are designed to withstand the load inside the bag. We have tested and proven that backpacks are functional and heavy duty. Apart from the classic ones, some brands also feature interesting and fun designs. And with people heavily reliant on technologies, some of the contemporary backpacks are equipped with designs that hold and support our gadgets.

Mini Bags

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For the past couple of years, top designer brands have launched miniature versions of the bags we normally use. They hold some of your bare essentials, but more than that they make a fancy touch to your look. These mini bags are great for parties or some fun time with friends and family. Mini bags come as cross-body bag, backpack, or shoulder bag. Compared to clutch bags, mini bags offer relatively more room for your things.

Travel & Luggage

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It does not matter if you are an occasional traveler or a jetsetter, every woman must have a functional travel bag or luggage ready. No single travel bag works for all since some are light packers, while others are not comfortable of the idea travelling with only a one bag with you. There are a lot of factors that must be considered when shopping for one. What is important is that the luggage goes beyond the trend, especially that these bags are expensive, and that they are durable.

Belt Bags

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We may have seen supermodels sporting the trendy waist or belt bag fashion that goes well with their active wear. But supermodel or not, belt bags are viewed as multifunctional pieces you can wear when going out for a walk, strolling at the park, or for moms behind baby strollers. Belt bags are convenient to use since it is hands-free. Some women operating small business also like to keep their essentials safely, which is why they opt for these belt bags.

Bag’s Accessories

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Some women love to experiment and try on various bag accessories. These accessories enhance the beauty of the bag giving it more personality and sense of fun. Bag accessories for women vary; the most common would be keychain. You have a lot of choices for bag accessories, from vintage to modern or from the chic tassels and fur to the bold and colorful items.

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