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Women’s Lingerie

by Jeremiah Say

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When we talk about fashion, it is incomprehensible why women tend to forget about lingerie. For some, they are not as important as out clothing, bags, shoes, or even accessories. Little did they know that a woman’s lingerie is like a canvas or a structure to the outfit you want to create. When shopping for the essentials, women should start investing in well-fitting and reliable lingerie as this is the most important piece in the wardrobe.

We get it that some women wear a sexy lingerie to impress her partner and there is nothing wrong with that. But we are always more than what we wear. More than looking sexy, lingerie lets you embrace your femininity and make you feel empowered. We buy lingerie for ourselves because we want to look good, but more importantly, we want to feel great. It builds confidence and allows self-expression even if we are afraid to show it by what we wear on the outside.

Women’s lingerie matters because it could be a source of energy. If you have a lovely and well-fitted pair of lingerie, it will transcend through your actions because lingerie channels self-esteem and confidence. This is the reason why French women are viewed us beautiful and confident women because according to a study, French women spend 20 percent of their clothing budget in lingerie. Moreover, lingerie offers a wide selection from conservative to seductive. So the next time someone tells you to buy lingerie out of what is left from the money you spent for other outer garments, then you already know what matters and why it matters.


When and how did the world get to know about lingerie? This is such a great and engaging subject to talk about. Well, we all know that lingerie category is not exclusive only to brassier and underwear as it also includes corset, which has a special place in the history of lingerie. To know why, read through as we take you back to as early as 4,000 years ago.

During the time of Ancient Greece, about 4,000 years ago, women wore a band of cloth to support their breasts they call apodesmos, which is akin to that of the modern bras such that they were secured at the back using pins. Meanwhile, Ancient Rome had women wrapping cloth around their breast to reduce the size of their breast. This is so since at the time, women with larger bust were viewed or considered as unattractive. Women also wore this cloth as support when performing at a dance event or when doing athletics.

Then came the chemise, which was primarily used to protect outerwear from oil and sweat. During the late Middle Ages, it was believed that women have leaned towards larger busts as evidenced by the popularity of corset. It was in the 14th century that first corset was designed for aesthetics rather than function. Women started using corset to appear as having large busts and narrow waistlines. Corsets were primarily made from wood, metal rods, and even animal bones.

The use of corset has slowly decline when the modern bra was invented by Mary Phelps Jacobs in 1910. This came after companies were seeking for alternative to corsets after the First World War. In the 1920s, the need for a coordinating underwear gave rise to the use of slip. In the next two decades, underwear was launched and the idea of wearing separates- bra and bloomers- has become the staple.

In 1947, Frederick Mellinger, designer and retailer of lingerie, gave birth to push-up bra, which was inspired by the aesthetics of corsets. By 1950s, magazines were graced by scantily-clad models or pinup girls showcasing various types of lingerie like stockings, bustiers, and girdles. The 60s and 70s were largely a celebration of women’s curves. 1977 was indeed a big year for women as the first sports bra, Jogbra, was created. Women’s lingerie in 1980s, meanwhile, was a decade for the revival of one-piece lingerie and the development of g-string and thongs. Definitely, women’s lingerie has gone so far but the influence has significantly remained.


Truth is, some lingerie have ceased to be an undergarment. A perfect example is the bodysuit. They resemble leotards and swimsuit, but they differ such that they have velcro or hook at the crotch. These are now worn by many women as an outerpiece matched with a trouser or pants, or skirt. They are, of course, tucked under the pants or skirt, thereby making a top that accentuates your curves, while keeping your look sexy and chic.


Primarily designed to provide ample support to women’s breasts on a day to day basis, bras have also become a fashion piece. This means that bras are now available in a wide range of design with variations in materials, structure, silhouette, style and purpose. Picking out the right type of bra has many benefits. First, it helps prevent health problems like shoulder, back, and neck pain. Second it offers protection especially when engaged in high-intensity or mobile activities. Third, it gives or improves the shape of your breast


Bridal lingerie can either be the lingerie you wear to your wedding or the one you wear on your first night together as husband and wife. Nevertheless, in either of these two, what you need is a well-fitted and comfortable lingerie that will make you feel confident and at your absolute best. Of course, you do not want your bridal lingerie to be peeking out of your wedding gown. You might just as well save that for your honeymoon. Simply stated, find a bridal lingerie that is made out of a comfortable material considering that wedding would last for many hours.


Some women are ditching the lacey and intricately-designed undies and shifted into women’s briefs. This does not come as a surprise at all considering how women’s briefs come in simpler or classic design, offer comfort, and provide ample coverage. Women’s briefs are ideal for women who want to prioritize comfort and mobility among other things.


Camisoles and chemises are still important lingerie pieces. Just like how chemises work in the early days, these camisoles and chemises function as underdress or undergarment. They provide protection or coverage especially under a warm material keeping both the outergarment and the skin dry. Camisoles and chemises are comfortable because they are usually made from smooth and silky materials that are light to the skin.


Robes can be classified as either bathrobe or dressing or morning gown. These two provide coverage to the body inside the house. The bathrobe, specifically, makes a great alternative to bath towels. You can just wrap the robe around the body to dry and is useful when going out for night swimming with friends, thereby keeping you warm. The dressing gown makes a great garment before going to bed and when you just woke up not yet ready to take a shower and dress into normal outfit. Dressing gown is such a great piece to have especially in times you have to rush through the door clad in your sleeping wear.


Want to achieve a lump and roll-free look in your clothes? Shapewear does the trick. Shapewear helps keep your body in tact to give a sleek or curvaceous silhouette. This is very helpful when you want to sport on a body-hugging dress, top, or pants. Moreover, shapewear keeps your body in place to avoid any wardrobe malfunction.


Many women undermine the importance of sleep, much more the clothes we wear when we sleep. On a psychological level, changing into comfortable and neat sleepwear gives your mind peace and calmness that improve the quality of sleep you can get. Moreover, it is such a great way to cap off the day- wearing something light and comfortable- and a good way to start the day when you wake up. Sleepwear varies according to the weather or season. Summer days call for a loose and lightweight sleepwear, while winter calls for sleepwear that provides warmth and more coverage.

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