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Women’s Clothing

by Jeremiah Say

If fashion is a pie, a huge chunk of it would probably consist of clothing just as a bigger portion of our closet is intended for our clothes. According to The True Cost, we now consume about 80 billion new pieces of clothing every year. The sad part, however, is the resulting textile waste we produce every year. Americans alone contribute 82 pounds of textile waste every year.  This is where responsible shopping and investing in clothes that last beyond the trend.

As the debate on textile waste continues and as we craft and participate in the solution to the problem, it is undeniable how clothing impacts our lives, individually and collectively. For women, clothing is one way to express their selves and is very telling as to who they are and their priorities. On a deeper level, clothing may also depict membership to a group or race as it is an aspect of one’s culture and tradition.

As women’s clothing evolved, its diversity has likewise developed. Today, the mobility of women and the evolution of time paved way for the different categories of clothing for women. Now that there is no more restriction for women’s wear, at least on a generic level, every woman’s personality naturally shows by her clothes and the way she carries herself in it. Nonetheless, it a rule of thumb among women that in fashion, it should not always be about the dress on you, but rather make it about you in that dress.


In our previous article, we have shared with you the colorful history of women’s fashion, largely focusing on women’s clothing. We have absolutely come so far judging from where we are today. Women’s clothing at present are evidently different from what women used to wear in the early times. But still, women’s clothing in the past has engraved a mark in fashion and continues to be an inspiration to the modern designers. Nonetheless, there are so many interesting facts about women’s clothing that we think you need to know.

  • The major fashion capitals in the world are London, Milan, New York, and Paris.
  • The first fashion magazine was issued in 1586 in Germany.
  • Nine out of ten women have a piece of clothing they have never worn.
  • The term bikini, according to its mentor Louis Reard, was coined from the Bikini Atoll where a lot of nuclear testing was done by the Unites States.
  • The longest wedding dress features a 1.85 miles long train.
  • The word denim is believed to have been derived from a French material serege de Nimes from the town of Nimes.


A trip to the gym is never an excuse for women not to be stylish. For some, going out for a workout is another opportunity for them to showcase their sense of style. This and the fact that women give so much importance to physical fitness resulted to numerous fashion brands that now feature activewear for women. The styles vary according to what specific type of workout or activity a woman is into. Also, they differ in materials, as well as, technology that necessarily goes with the production of reliable and functional activewear pieces. At present, activewear is not exclusive to in-house or gym wear, since activewear has also become part of the streetwear.


After working out for that summer body, women reward themselves with ‘Vitamin Sea.’ Packed in their luggage are different types of beachwear that is perfect for sunbathing, swimming, and other activities you can enjoy on, in and underwater. Whether it is a trip to a local beach or somewhere out of town or country, make sure you get yourselves fashionable beachwear perfect for picture-taking.


On anybody’s wedding, all eyes are definitely on the bride. That is why she deserves the best. Bridal collection features traditional and classic white wedding dresses. For the unconventional brides, bridal wear has expanded to soft and dark-hued wedding gowns. A bride’s dress is a depiction of who she is and her personality, which is the reason why a bridalwear should entail a personal connection between the dress and the bride. Bridal dresses are available in a wide selection of cut or silhouette including A-line, fit and flare, mermaid, empire, ball, and flowing. The neckline also varies from sweetheart neckline to halter or off-the-shoulder. Another consideration when picking out the bridal dress is the location of your wedding. Wedding dress with long trains are perfect for traditional weddings at church, while romantic lace dress in a more relaxed silhouette like A-line or sheath is ideal for garden, forest, or beach weddings.


Coats are seasonal clothing, unless of course, if you live in the arctic or somewhere it is cold all-year-round. Regardless, every woman has to invest in stylish and cozy coats that will give enough warmth during cold or winter season. But there are different types of coats. There are lightweight coats that you can layer over your clothes during spring or fall, while there are those made from thicker materials that are appropriate for the extreme cold during the winter season.


Denim is a wardrobe staple as it is the easiest way to look casual and chic. Denim is commonly used for pants, but there tops and dresses made from denim. Bloggers even invest in a good pair of denim jacket, which is oozing with personality and versatility. You can simply wear it on top of a black, white or gray shirt, or layer it over an edgy black dress. Women also have a lot of option as to the shade or hue of denim she wants to sport.


Whether it is day or night, there is always a dress for anytime of the day and for every occasion. What is great about dresses is their versatility. You can wear them multiple times and with the addition of accessories, they still come out fresh. These dresses come in different types such as maxi dress, shirt dress, party dress, sun dress and wrap dress, among many others. They come in a variety of design and color, as well as material. Day dresses usually have a more relaxed silhouette and fabrics, while evening dresses are cut from a more formal type of material and a more refined silhouette.


Dressing up for evening events can be a pretty daunting task, and more often than not, involves anxious nights as you figure out what to wear. Good thing, the fashion industry today has more lines that tailor evening gown or dress perfect for any red carpet event. There are couturier who cater to specific clients, while there are brands that offer ready to wear evening dress. Eveningwear ranges from the minimalist sheath or A-line silhouette to the posh mermaid-cut or ball gown designs.


When it comes to fashion, we have what is referred to as the “third piece”. This “third piece” like jacket is where we get to see the creativity, authenticity, and a woman’s personal style. A jacket makes a great third piece because not only does it bring style, but also keep you warm during the cold season. You may not have realized, but a jacket is actually an all-season clothing as there are jackets made from lightweight material that looks great on top of your sundress during summer. Types of jackets include denim jacket, bomber jacket, leather jacket, and hoodies, among many others.


Another wardrobe stable are the jeans. We have them in different colors or shades, the most common may be denim. While denim is a casual piece, it does not mean that you cannot be any more stylish. Getting the right fit in the right cut or silhouette definitely makes a big change to your look. There are cuts and design that will instantly tone your legs and elongate them. Jeans are worth investing as they will never be outdated.


Elegant one-piece dressing is such a trend these days, thanks to jumpsuits. This is not a new thing for fashion as it has been around as early as the 1920s, but the modern concept of jumpsuit we know of today exude sophistication and power. Runways have been infiltrate by designers’ different takes on jumpsuit. It is a statement outfit, but it is not that easy to wear. Wrong accessories, for instance, will immediately turn your outfit into a disaster. There are jumpsuits tailored for different occasions. The key is going for what you love and keeping it minimal.


Knitwear is a stylish and cozy fashion clothing that you can wear when you opt for a more relaxed look. They work well with jeans, but they also make a great ensemble when tucked in a skirt. They come in variety of colors and designs that may exude sophistication and fun. It is not the easiest clothing to sport on, but with the right styling, knitwear can be the coolest part of your look. They are ideal to wear on autumn or winter.


Not everyone is made for revealing and sexy clothing. Others like to keep their clothes modest. Regardless of your reason, modest clothing need not be dull and odd. There are emerging fashion lines that create modest pieces perfect for women who do not like showing off some skin.


Gone were the days when pants were made solely for men. Now, women enjoy a wide selection of pants that come in different styles. From the short hot pants to the flared or wide-leg pants, women have them. Among the most stylish pants known to women are the bermuda pants, cullotes, square pants, palazzo, skinny, and pegged pants.


When we talk about going to the beach or taking a walk around the city, women would prefer the comfort of shorts than other clothing pieces. Apart from the typical denim, shorts are also available in soft and lightweight fabrics, the ones we often see from people in the beach like the pompom or dolphin shorts. Shorts can be worn or paired with sneakers, sandals, slippers, or flat shoes.


While some women like to wear dress or gowns to events, others love the comfort, sophistication, and the coolness of a suit. Some working women in the corporate field have also shifted to suit, more importantly so for people who commute everyday. Suits are available in women’s silhouette, as well as, the boxy ones. Suits for women have become such a big trend when celebrities graced the red carpet with their own pair of suit.


Skirt is an easy favorite for fashionable women and is likewise considered a wardrobe staple. Not only that, skirt is also often featured in traveling lists because it is lightweight, easy to wear, and versatile. The fabrics used in skirts vary from lace, floral, to check, and plaid. The silhouettes are also available in many options like A-line, bubble, asymmetrical, pleated, pencil, mermaid, wrap, and many more. Depending on the cut and design of the skirt, you also have numerous options for the shoes you can pair with them.


When it comes to dressing up, wearing separates is a popular choice. Compared to one-piece clothing, wearing separates allows any person to mix and match saving you some money while squeezing out your creativity juices. For tops, there are endless options for women from tanktop, cropped top, tees, and blouses among many others. They all come in a variety of neckline, material or fabric, fit, and design.


As women have become mobile, meaning took on jobs that used to be granted exclusively to men, women’s workwear have become more a necessity, rather than fashion. But stylish women as we are, we always find ways. Hence, workwear for women has easily become a fascination (or fixation for some). Today, stores and blogs feature handful of workwear and workwear-inspired outfit that appeal to the modern women.

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