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25 Extremely Cool Women’s Designer Biker Jackets


September 2022 Sales (LATEST)

Purchasing a jacket can be tricky. You want warm but not too bulky, modish but not compromising quality. You’d also prefer one to keep with you for a long time and still look dashing after that. Of course, something that is flattering to your shape is also of consideration, as well as one that would suit your personality.

You can have all that with the selection of jackets we’ve compiled today from top designers in the industry. We assure you that although there are cheaper options, everything on here today is worth every bang of your buck. Come on, have a look through, and hopefully you’ll find something among these 25 jackets to fall in love with.

  1. Balmain Leather biker jacket

Balmain Leather biker jacket

Price: US$2,995.00
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It is not only your wardrobe that benefits from the inclusion of a classic leather jacket, your style goes up a notch too. Balmain’s version may not have the quirks of other leather jackets but you are assured that this will be something you’ll wear for years to come. Come and adore the smooth and supple leather highlighted by gold accents all over; we just know they’ll be the object of envy from friends.

  1. Mackage cropped biker jacket

Mackage cropped biker jacket

Price: US$690.00
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Biker jackets often come black but in the few times that appear in white we’re sure to want to grab them as much as their darker counterparts. This Mackage iteration is cropped and a little more feminine in appearance than your usual biker jacket. Complete the look with kicky black ankle boots and a smooth leather mini skirt.

  1. Balenciaga Oversized painted textured-leather biker jacket

Balenciaga Oversized painted textured-leather biker jacket

Price: US$4,700.00
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This biker jacket from Balenciaga has all the features of the classics, but the label owns the style by putting a big logo for everyone to see on one of the arms. Still very beautiful, if we might say so, and a great way to hop into the logomania craze. Match yours with denim jeans for good contrast.

  1. Nanushka Cite oversized denim biker jacket

Nanushka Cite oversized denim biker jacket

Price: US$625.00
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This has all the familiar pockets of a classic biker jacket, but instead of smooth, fine leather, Nanushka gets the job done with slightly faded, vintage denim. In our opinion, the fabric works just as fine and even makes you stand out in a sea of leather. The material will last you through many seasons too and the gold hardware will still be sparkling even then. The belt can be left undone or otherwise, and it will still be casually cool.

  1. DSQUARED2 quilted detail biker jacket

DSQUARED2 quilted detail biker jacket

Price: US$2,485.00
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We’re completely digging this biker jacket from DSQUARED2. At first glance, there seems to be nothing different to this version that will only look better in time. The sides are quilted though, and while that usually gives an impression of comfort, what the quilts do here is make a tougher look out of an already fierce piece of clothing.

  1. Karl Lagerfeld Ikonik Odina biker jacket

Karl Lagerfeld Ikonik Odina biker jacket

Price: US$845.00
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Know what we’re feeling after seeing this Karl Lagerfeld? Smitten, that’s what. The all-black biker jacket is smooth and inviting, you’d want to put it around your arms immediately. It’s bold and tough, so if you need an inch of courage to get through the day, it won’t hurt to wear this one.

  1. Joseph Ryder leather biker jacket

Joseph Ryder leather biker jacket

Price: US$1,595.00
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Even if you wear this day by day, week by week, or whenever you want to, we assure you that no one would ever dare deride you for your choice. For its lovely material that is cozy to wear and the versatility that you have with wearing this over most of your clothes, the jacket makes defenses against not wearing this as often as you want unnecessary.

  1. Saint Laurent studded collar jacket

Saint Laurent studded collar jacket

Price: US$4,990.00
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French luxury house Saint Laurent adds a Parisian twist to the leather jacket. Made out of a mix of lamb skin, cotton and zamac, this jacket is packing in rock star appeal as well as youthfulness, and still isn’t an overkill despite the studs and silver tone pins. It would be a great excuse to wear your white turtleneck and other neutrals you have stacked on your wardrobe.

  1. Madewell Washed-leather biker jacket

Madewell Washed-leather biker jacket

Price: US$500.00
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Madewell takes the leather jacket and dares to make it slightly different by opting for a worn-in appearance rather than having the look of a shiny, new one. It’s a non-issue, considering how leather becomes even more charming with age. The inside is lined with satin so layering will be less of a hassle, and the jacket adorned with silver hardware has a slim fit so it doesn’t look too chunky and ill-fitting.

  1. Giorgio Brato textured biker jacket

Giorgio Brato textured biker jacket

Price: US$1,156.00
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Giorgio Brato is among the esteemed designers that knows his way with leather, this white jacket being proof of his top craftsmanship. Compared to other leather jackets that seem tough and crisp, this one seems comfortably to actually be in, plus it has a neat effect of appearing vintage. Match with a pair of denim jeans and any top save for white ones.

  1. Acne Studios Leather biker jacket

Acne Studios Leather biker jacket

Price: US$1,550.00
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Acne Studios’ leather jacket is one for the fashion conscious, rocker chicks that want to show their personality with their clothing. If in the future they decide to try other styles, this can still be a mainstay in the closet for its timeless appeal. Lined with satin, this jacket with supple leather for its exterior is easy to slip on. The buckle can also be flattering to your figure.

  1. Tufi Duek slim fit jacket

Tufi Duek slim fit jacket

Price: US$1,230.00
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Tufi Duek’s jacket brings to mind a really sharp-looking blouse, but this time it comes in a gorgeous piece of leather that one won’t hesitate to wear under any condition, save maybe for hot summers. Honestly, it’s a refreshing view from the biker jackets we’ve seen so far. We love how the lines accentuate the waist.

  1. IRO Ashville leather biker jacket

IRO Ashville leather biker jacket

Price: US$1,205.00
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It’s hard not to stare at IRO’s Ashville leather jacket. The stunning leather is butter-soft so we wouldn’t mind even if it looks a tad bulky. While edgy, the slim fit and the belt can make it become a more feminine outerwear. Wear it with skirts or dresses if you want to play more out of this effect.

  1. Mr & Mrs Italy multiple zips biker jacket

Mr & Mrs Italy multiple zips biker jacket

Price: US$3,070.00
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Mr & Mrs Italy may be best known for its parkas, but that does not mean they shy away from any opportunity to excel in other kinds of outerwear, such as one that’s undeniably modeled after a biker jacket. Their version is more luxurious though, owing to the fox fur added on the collar and the pocket.

  1. Valentino Vinyl biker jacket

Valentino Vinyl biker jacket

Price: US$3,690.00
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This runway-material jacket was first spotted in Valentino’s Spring ‘18 collection show and since then we couldn’t take it off of our heads. The lovely beige vinyl is a show stopper which you can take advantage of when you are wearing tonal dresses. If you want to keep the attention to a minimum, stay with a top and denim jeans. No guarantees that that will keep people from noticing, though.

  1. Rick Owens draped leather jacket

Rick Owens draped leather jacket

Price: US$1,987.00
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Rick Owens has always been a bit of a deviant when it comes to fashion, saying ‘to hell with it’ to usual designs and ideas. This jacket is an embodiment of that as the designer opts for a less conforming shape when crafting this masterpiece. Made out of a mix of leather, wool and silk, this leather jacket drapes sexily around the body, bringing attention to your figure if fastened and a bit flirtatious if left undone.

  1. Vetements Convertible leather biker jacket

Vetements Convertible leather biker jacket

Price: US$5,240.00
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Vetements came to everyone’s attention for its penchant of elevating ordinary articles into avant-garde pieces. Take for instance this jacket, which in every way still has the markings of a classic biker but is unique in subtle ways. Amp up the charm by wearing fancy dresses underneath.

  1. Marc Cain embossed biker jacket

Marc Cain embossed biker jacket

Price: US$858.00
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We completely adore this Marc Cain. The beautiful beige is actually enough to catch our attention, but we’re even more into it thanks to the embossed pattern on the leather. It’s perfect for off-duty days when you can match this with a pair of white sneakers as well as a flowy skirt.

  1. Gucci Painted leather biker jacket

Gucci Painted leather biker jacket

Price: US$6,200.00
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Will you look at the buttery leather on this Gucci jacket? The fashion house partnered with Trouble Andrew for the street cred of this piece. Where, you ask? Take a look at the back: the GucciGhost is hand-painted on the smooth leather and really stands out against the black backdrop.

  1. Emanuel Ungaro fitted biker jacket

Emanuel Ungaro fitted biker jacket

Price: US$2,595.00
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It took us a while to cut disrupt our gaze at Emanuel Ungaro’s biker jacket. The pristine white leather has not escaped our attention. The fitted structure makes us all excited to wear this with our dresses with fun and interesting patterns.

  1. Roberto Cavalli crocodile effect biker jacket

Roberto Cavalli crocodile effect biker jacket

Price: US$4,774.00
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There’s something elegant about the crocodile effect on the leather. It might be the crisp appearance or the folds, but all we know is that this is a bold number we’d want to keep in our closets forever. The jacket may be intimidating to pair with other articles of clothing but to make sure that you let it shine through, match the jacket with plainer options.

  1. S.W.O.R.D 6.6.44 Impact biker jacket

S.W.O.R.D 6.6.44 Impact biker jacket

Price: US$448.00
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For the lady who likes pink, this is our pick for you. The calf leather is just as fine as the material in other options, but if you’re slowly transitioning to loving the biker jacket, then this might be a good place to start, too.

  1. Comme des Garçons Noir Kei Ninomiya

Comme de Garçons Noir Kei Ninomiya

Price: US$2,053.00
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Want some variety in your leather jacket? Comme des Garçons’ Kei Ninomiya has the answer for you. This black jacket still employs the many zippers present in biker jacket, but adds a laced hem to make it distinct from the others.

  1. Calvin Klein 205W39NYC Cropped leather biker jacket

Calvin Klein 205W39NYC Cropped leather biker jacket

Price: US$2,800.00
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We’re loving this cropped leather jacket that makes everything more feminine. The usual blacks can be matched with dresses fine, but if you want to take the girliness to the next level then get this gorgeous Calvin Klein. The belt highlights the waist and shows your womanly curves even more.

  1. Off-White Printed leather biker jacket

Off-White Printed leather biker jacket

Price: US$2,505.00
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Off-White’s version is definitely something you want to take to the streets. While we love our smooth, supple leather, the matte finish on the buttery material makes it harder to take our eyes away from it. The leather jacket is adorned with matte black hardware as well, plus a text on the sleeve that’s very noticeable.

The appeal of a jacket, especially a leather biker one at that, hasn’t diminished in all the decades that it has existed. Due to this, many imitations are on the market, but none could match the glamour and warmth of any of the ones in our list. Don’t let yourself settle with poor make and less than acceptable fabrics because you certainly deserve more. These designer items will does everything to make you feel that.

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