What Would Oprah Do: Here Are The Best Beauty Products from Oprah’s Favorite Things


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Seriously, if there’s a woman we can all agree to look up to, there’s no better option than Oprah Winfrey. Oprah has accomplished unimaginable things despite the difficult circumstances in her early life. Now, she’s known to be among the best talk show hosts, an inspiring philanthropist, an accomplished actress, an owner of a magazine and a network—a true lady boss in every sense of the term.


So, holiday gift shopping doesn’t seem to be too much of a stress nowadays, especially when you have Oprah to suggest the best things you can get for your loved ones and yourself. Annually, Oprah chooses her favorite things on Amazon, and it’s a list that never disappoints! This year, we’ve spotted her beauty options and man, are we impressed. So if you’re doubting what to give away this holiday season, just ask yourself, “What would Oprah do?”

And here are some of the best answers to that.

Clarisonic Mia Smart Luxe ($199)


Buy: $199.00

We’ve loved Clarisonic’s products from the get go, and with Oprah’s stamp of approval on the Mia Smart Luxe, we’re surely gonna have it as our most favorite. Cleanse your face thoroughly with this tool and you won’t regret spending every single penny.

La Chatelaine Deluxe Hand-Cream Set ($68)


Buy: $54.45

If you have someone in mind whom you think needs a whole package of hand creams, then the La Chatelaine Deluxe Hand-Cream Set is the perfect item for that person. This has a total of twelve scents that add a lovely note to every nourishment the hand gets.

Library of Flowers by Margot Elena Bubble Bath ($36)


Buy: $36.00

Bubble baths are heaven-sent. And if you found out Oprah loves them as much as you do and has a particular brand that she vouches for, there’s no other reason not to purchase it right? Well, you better get on Amazon and find the Library of Flowers by Margot Elena Bubble Bath for the best bath you’ll have.

Lollia Whipped Body Butter and Dry Body Oil Set ($65)


Buy: $65.00

Showing that you care about someone means you don’t want them to have dry skin, right? So, to show your love to someone this Christmas, get them this Whipped Body Butter and Dry Body Oil Set by Lollia and you’ll be on point in adding love and care to your presents.

Artis Elite Brush Set ($495)


Buy: $495.00

If your sister or close friend is a hardcore makeup lover, they’ll love you even more when you give them the Artis Elite Brush Set. Despite the quite expensive price, this one has a total of 10 pieces of brushes that will assist them in their every makeup routine.

Sunday Riley Game Changer Kit ($112)


Buy: $112.00

It isn’t that surprising that Oprah loves Sunday Riley. This brand has awesome items in their collection, including this Game Changer Kit that Oprah suggests you get as the perfect gift. It contains the Good Genes lactic acid treatment and Ceramic Slip Cleanser, both dependable products for a more gorgeous skin.

Hydrating Lip Gloss Collection by Julep ($149)


Buy: $149.00

Planning to give away lip glosses? You don’t have to look for 12 individual lip glosses if you buy an entire package of it. The Hydrating Lip Gloss Collection by Julep will allow you to send one or two glosses to a friend, and another gloss to your sister, then to an officemate, etc. Great plan, right? And oh—you can keep some for yourself, as well!

Goat Milk Soap Set by Beekman 1802 ($54)


Buy: $54.00

Organic bath care is something we’d expect Oprah to love. It’s been confirmed with the inclusion of the Goat Milk Soap Set by Beekman 1802 in her favorite things. This soap set has been created with goat’s milk and vegetable base, a great combination for lathering up on your bath or use when you shower. And of course, it’s great as a gift, too!

Mini Travel Set by Footnanny ($60)


Buy: $60.00

This one’s especially made for the feet, and if Oprah’s feet enjoy it, we want this on our feet, ASAP! Footnanny’s Mini Travel Set ensures you feet’s well-cared for even when you’re out and about, too. It contains different foot creams offered in gorgeous scents of eucalyptus, rose, tea tree, lavender, and peppermint. Added with socks and a buffer, be ready for an ultra-comfortable experience while moisturizing your feet.

These are just a few of the items our dear Oprah has picked out as her favorites this year, so if you need more, go ahead and find the full list on Amazon and we’re sure you’ll have a more enjoyable time selecting gifts for your loved ones.


Image credits: Variety, Home Architecture, Glamour UK, Amazon, Margot Elena, InStyle,, NewBeauty, Ulta Beauty, Beekman 1802, Footnanny.

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