We Answered the Top 7 Trending Beauty Questions in 2018 According To Google


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Oh, what are we going to do without Google?

Can’t remember the lyrics of that song playing in your head? Forgot where the nearest fast food chain is? Or just wondering about a certain idea that popped into your head? You know what the best thing to do is to get all the questions answered and all the mysteries explained—Google.

Even in the beauty world, not everyone knows exactly what to do, especially those who are just exploring new trends and trying innovative advancements in beauty tech. So for those who turn to Google for answers, we totally get you. And for sure, the world does too. How else can Google get the top beauty questions in the 2018 Year in Search, right?


Are you just as curious as we are? Let’s look at the questions and the answers we provided, so you don’t have to Google them again.

  1. How to apply magnetic lashes

A coat of mascara before putting on the lashes can help the magnetic lashes have a better grip and blend more naturally with your lashes. Get the pair of top and bottom lashes and sandwich your natural lashes with them. It might not get on perfectly on your first, second, or third time…so that’s probably why people just kept on googling how it’s done, huh?


Best magnetic lashes:

  1. What is a lash lift

A lash lift is a keratin treatment for your lashes. It’s been advertised to improve the length, volume, and curl of your natural eyelashes, but of course, results may vary. Some have reported to have a mix of straight and curl lashes weeks after their lash lift treatment, but for the most part, it works great. The uneven growth can easily be solved with a great mascara, anyway.


Best mascaras for curling and lifting:

  1. How to remove individual eyelashes

Individual eyelashes can easily be removed with any oil-based makeup remover you normally use for hard-to-get-off makeup. But keep in mind that if you’re planning to use the lashes again, the oil in the makeup remover may distort the lashes and destroy their tackiness for easy attachment next time you use it. The safer option you can use to utilize the lashes again are water-based cleansers that can get the job done without destroying your fake lashes.


Best water-based cleanser:

  1. What hair color looks best on me

Ideally, your hair color should match your skin’s undertones and as much as possible, is close to your natural hair color. But hey, that’s not the law! You can pick out whatever color you want and enjoy it fully, as long as you take care of your colored hair with the best products you can get.


Best products for colored hair:

  1. How to do a cat eye

With your eyeliner (pencil is the easiest for beginners), start drawing on the inner corners then move outwards until right up to the middle. Move to the outer corner of your eye and make a diagonal line that should not go beyond the length of your brow and not higher than your eyelid’s crease. Connect the two areas you’ve initially created to have your cat-eye. Aside from this traditional way of doing it, there a lot of makeup hacks that involve scotch tape, Q-tips, and business cards that are out there on the web. But if you find those too time-consuming, get yourself a tool that would make it easier to create a cat-eye.


Tool and products for the perfect cat-eye:

  1. How to take off makeup without makeup wipes

It’s really easy to take off your makeup even without makeup wipes. Just get a makeup remover that fits your needs and skin type, pour that onto a cotton pad, and remove your makeup as you normally would with makeup wipes. There are oil-based cleansers and balms that can melt makeup, some need activating with warm water, but others can just be wiped off with a towel.


Best makeup removers:

  1. How to apply aloe vera

Okay, so you decided you’d take a fresh aloe vera leaf and put it on your face. Drain the resin from the leaf first, peel of the green part and then gather the flesh into a bowl. Use a blender to mix the flesh until they are smooth. Pour the gel into a container and keep it in the refrigerator. Remember that it will only be good for one week’s use. But if you want a longer lasting aloe vera gel, it’s easier to just get a commercial aloe vera gel that can be used for months, and even years.


Best aloe vera gel products:

Have you asked this question yourself before? Well, we’re happy to impart new beauty information, anytime. Google is a great place to get answers for your simple beauty questions, but remember to consult experts on matters that are much more serious or would affect you more permanently than just a hair color or a 24-hr makeup.


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