We All Saw It Coming: La Mer’s Billion-Dollar Brand Status

We All Saw It Coming - La Mer's Billion-Dollar Brand Status

Skincare junkies would know the right luxury brands they should always have in their daily regimen. And in those many luxury skincare regimen list, it’s very rare that La Mer isn’t included. Why?

La Mer's Billion-Dollar Brand Status 4

La Mer is a well-known brand name in the luxury world, earning its fame through its iconic product: Crème de la Mer. Known as a favorite among celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian-West, the fermented sea kelp-infused cream has reached a cult status and a social media fame, thanks to Kim K’s post about it being her most favorite face cream. Who wouldn’t want to have a skin like hers, anyway?

But aside from the signature cream, a whole lot of topnotch products are in La Mer’s collections, cementing its place among the best beauty brands of today, including some of its sister companies within the Estée Lauder Companies.

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Estée Lauder Companies

Along with Becca, Tom Ford, Le Labo and Jo Malone, La Mer is part of the Estee Lauder Companies, a known luxury group of companies which has skyrocketing sales in the past, yet reported to have an increase in sales during the last quarter of the year. Accordingly, earned $186 million as quarter profit—an amount that even exceeded the expectations of Wall Street.

La Mer's Billion-Dollar Brand Status

The sales reached up to 16% increase, with makeup growing to $1.36 billion, fragrance up to $403 million, hair care up to $151 million, and skincare up to $1.4 billion. Out of all these, skincare got the highest raise of 26% increase, largely due to La Mer, Clinique, and Estée Lauder brands that all have amassed wonderful sales not only on that particular quarter, but throughout the year.

La Mer: A Billion-Dollar Brand

But while La Mer’s contribution to the increase in sales of ELC’s skincare brands is a good achievement to celebrate… there’s even bigger news that overshadows that.

*drum roll please*

La Mer is now finally a billion-dollar brand!

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To be honest, we all saw that coming, right?

The French luxury brand’s devotion to come up with the best formulations for the highest level of skincare was a main factor of its ascent to the top of the skincare world. Starting from Max Huber’s original biofermented sea kelp that treated burns, we find a lot more of use for this miracle ingredient through the varieties of anti-ageing products that La Mer offers.

Aside from the iconic Crème de la Mer, a few of fans’ favorites among La Mer’s collection are The Eye Concentrate, The Concentrate, The Lip Balm, and The Regenerating Serum. And yes, the brand has released its own makeup line, but like most of us, we’re here for all those skin-enriching products!

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The billion-dollar mark is already a huge milestone for La Mer, yet with the brand’s dedication to only improve here onward, we’re sure of more successes to come its way. And as for us, the avid fans, we can’t wait to see what more La Mer has in store for us and our skin!

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