Want to Get that Victoria’s Secret Angel Glow? Follow These Tips


If you haven’t watched, heard, or seen in social media anything about this year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, you might be living under a rock. It’s one of the most awaited fashion show every year, and sometimes, it’s not the “show” the people wait for, but the Victoria’s Secret Angels, themselves. The Angels don’t only embody beauty and allure that are perfect for their runway walks wearing gorgeous lingerie and of course, their ethereal wings. But aside from the glitz and glam of their outfits, their hairs and makeup, what always catch our attention is their glowing skin.

Naturally, women all over the world can’t help but admire and—let’s admit it—get jealous of the almost perfect skin of these supermodels. But did you know you can have that glowing skin, too? If you need to have a look, go ahead and see the following beauties during The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2018:

Want-to-Get-that-Victorias-Secret-Angel-Glow-4 Want-to-Get-that-Victorias-Secret-Angel-Glow-1 Want-to-Get-that-Victorias-Secret-Angel-Glow-1 Want-to-Get-that-Victorias-Secret-Angel-Glow-1

See what we mean? This year’s goal for the beauty looks of the super models were all about a natural and fresh look, according to Charlotte Tilbury, a well-known makeup artist, a luxury makeup brand founder, and an official partner of the event. So, they main focus is achieving the most glowing skin the ladies could ever have. And guess what—we’ve gathered expert info from the main facialist of the show and exclusive deets from the models themselves to let you know what you can do to have the Victoria’s Secret Angel skin.

Take Care of Dry, Puffy and Tired Skin with Facials

In the normal world, women normally get facials one or twice a month, even less for the more busy ones. But get this—if you want to take away all those bags, lines and puffiness, you have to get a daily facial. Yup, you read that right—DAILY.

But it doesn’t mean you have to drive to your favorite salon or dermatologist, because there are tools that allow you to do your own facials at the comfort of your home. For the Victoria’s Secret Angels, a vital facial tool they use is the Butterfly Stone.

Lift + Sculpt Butterfly Stone ($75)


Buy: $75.00

The Butterfly Stone has rose quartz in it that mainly de-puffs the skin and sculpts the face. Another great tip when using it is to put it in the freezer before using it. The coldness will have some kind of a cryotherapy effect, which wakes the skin up and keeps it fresh.

Harness the Benefits of LED Blue Light Therapy

One of the major benefits of the very popular LED Blue Light Therapy is the reduction in inflammation of your skin. With the LED light’s ability to penetrate the skin, it can thoroughly calm and heal the skin and bring out an amazing glow from deep within. Again, like facials, this skin therapy method isn’t only available in salons and derma clinics. There are a ton of LED light devices in the market that you can operate yourself to take care of your skin’s blemishes and imperfections.

Deesse Pro LED Mask ($2000)

Deesse-Pro-LED-Mask Deesse-Pro-LED-Mask-1

This one is obviously at the higher-end of the options, but it’s the one Georgia Louise, the official facialist of fashion show use, as well as countless of celebrities.

Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Treatment Face Mask ($29.99)


Buy: $29.99

For acne issues, this treatment face mask from Neutrogena is an affordable option. Using both red and blue light, this reduces inflammation and kills the acne bacteria as well.

Level-up Your Sheet Mask Game

Georgia Louise has a golden rule when it comes to the Victoriaa’s Secret Girls’ sheet masks—they have to be an assortment and not just any sheet mask in the market. We’d recommend these best masks for glowing skin that we have listed down, but the expert facialist has her special face care device and sheet masks for the job.

GLOPulse Deep + Quick Ion Enhancer ($165)

Delete Permanently GLOPulse-Deep-Quick-Ion-Enhancer-1

Buy: $165.00

This award-winning device from Louise herself is a beauty device that would take care of many skin problems you may have. It refines the pores, saves you from injections, and lessens your fine lines. It also boosts proper blood circulation. It should be used with the special GLOPulse sheet masks.

GLOPulse Green Sheet Masks set of 10 ($75)


Buy: $75.00

Made from difference essences, these sheet masks are the perfect masks to hydrate, calm, soothe, and nourish the skin with its capability to seep deep into the skin.

Charlotte Tilbury Revolutionary Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask ($22)


Buy: $22.00

Right before the runway show, the Angel’s faces were prepped with revolutionary mask from Charlotte Tilbury. It nourishes the skin with peptides and vitamin B3, for that instant nourishment boost to maximize the skin’s glow.

Stock Up on Hyaluronic Acid

One major active ingredient that has proven to bring a lot of benefits to the skin is hyaluronic acid. Some great products have good amounts of this ingredient, and if you found one that’s great for your skin, stock up on that! For the Victoria’s Secret girls, well, here’s what Louise used:

Dr. Barbara Sturm’s Hyaluronic Serum ($300)


Buy: $300.00

This is a serum with a high-concentrate of hyaluronic acid that intensely hydrates the skin. It’s amazing for achieving radiant and firm skin.


Of course, we’ve had our ears on what the Victoria’s Secret Angels use for themselves, too. Here are some of them!

Image credits: Getty Images, Instagram (@ctilburymakeup), Shutterstock, Georgia Louise, Hypebae, ASPA, Neutrogena, Coveteur, A Little Pop of Coral, The LDN Diaries.

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