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Walk The Sea by Kerosene Review

Walk The Sea by Kerosene Review 1
Walk The Sea by Kerosene Review
Some notable summer scents may have you thinking that they are all bright and sunny, but such is not the case for Walk the Sea. No, it is not depressing, and what we are smelling instead is a more relaxed take on being by the shore. The notes, both citrusy and otherwise, feel natural while being subtle. The relaxing fragrance does not wear heavily and goes about without feeling too warm. Walk the Sea has both average sillage and longevity.
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We think it is a subtle take on the sea and the shore
The zesty and salty notes smell natural
Has average sillage and performance for us
Relaxing without being too warm
A linear fragrance
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It’s not difficult to guess what the inspiration behind Walk the Sea is—the waters, the waves, and the sun that accompanies both. Launched in 2018 by Kerosene, the fragrance is aimed to appeal to both men and women. John Pegg is the perfumer responsible for its design. Its notes include white flowers, ambergris, sea salt, musk and cedar.

Walk The Sea by Kerosene Review 2

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