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Vince Vernon Woven Slip-on Review

Vince Vernon Woven Slip-on Sneaker Review

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Vince Vernon Woven Slip-on Sneaker Review
Vince Vernon Woven Slip-on Review
These woven sneakers from Vince is the definition of laid-back sophistication—you can easily transition from casual to work with its minimalist aesthetic. But they don’t come cheap, you’ll have to wait for deals to snag them at a more affordable price.
Value for Money

When Vince was founded by duo Christopher LaPolice and Rea Laccone, they also changed the way the world saw wardrobe basics. Instead of boring, they became trendy; besides being comfortable, they were also luxurious. They were proof that loud and awkward-fitting clothes are not necessary in landing an outstanding outfit. Indeed, Vince drew those who like to keep their style minimal but of quality since its launch in 2002. In recent years, it has braved an unpredictable market but has continued what it has done in the beginning, manufacturing must-haves that assure durability and do not compromise style.

Its collection that has almost everything, from plush cashmere sweaters and leather jackets to silk blouses and cotton tees also include modern and city chic footwear. Today, we’ll be looking at its Vernon woven slip-on sneaker and see how it measures against other shoes that can be bought at a significantly lower price.

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Release Year: 2018
Prices: US$126.00 – US$225.00


We love the minimalist appearance of the Vernon woven slip-on sneakers—they’re straight to the point and without fuss that it would not be difficult to match them with anything from your wardrobe. With more and more offices allowing for a relaxed dress code, these refined shoes would not look out of place. If you’re running late, all you need is to just slip them on and you’re ready to go! Your feet will be welcomed by a soft, padded footbed that is backed up by a rubber outsole allowing a firmer grip and ensuring no accidents that will make the trip to the office a hassle will take place.

Given Vince’s reputation for quality and preference for only the finest of fabrics, you can also expect these nylon sneakers to last you for a long time. If you often prefer to be barefoot because of constricting shoes, these will be a breath of fresh air for your tootsies because of its stretch insets and round toes, the latter allowing some wiggle room for your digits.


The sneakers do not come with a modest price, which is a deal breaker for some. Wearing these Vince sneakers also won’t be comfortable at first try; you would have to break in them first so that may mean spending some time wearing them indoors. The leather pull-tab can rub against the ankle and cause a few blisters.

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