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Vetiver Pour Homme by Roja Dove Review

Vetiver Pour Homme by Roja Dove Review 1

September 2022 Sales (LATEST)

Vetiver Pour Homme by Roja Dove Review
Vetiver Pour Homme is created with a clear target in mind: men who relish in the woodsy, earthy smell that the tropical grass draws. It certainly does not come off as cheap or artificial, which is perhaps what merits it its high price tag; the vetiver is deep and very masculine. There are bright parts in its evolution, and we also sensed some leathery warmth along the way. Highlighting the richness of the note would not be appealing to everyone, so Vetiver Pour Homme is a fragrance that requires some care and thought in application, at least to us.
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Vetiver is of great quality
We feel that this is very masculine and earthy
A complex and very refined blend of vetiver, green and citrusy notes
The sweetness by drydown adds character to the scent
Has surprisingly bright phases in the scent’s development
More expensive than most niche fragrances
Not a scent everyone would appreciate
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Roja Dove intended for Vetiver Pour Homme to be a very sensual scent as it is inspired by the smell a man leaves on his lover. And indeed, the fragrance succeeds to do this, with the ingredient it is named after taking the lead among other fruity and green notes. Other accords for the Vetiver Pour Homme include lemon, bergamot, pink pepper, caraway, nutmeg, guaiac wood, rose and jasmine. The scent was launched in 2012 and created by no other than the house’s namesake perfumer, Roja Dove.

Vetiver Pour Homme by Roja Dove Review 2

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