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Versace Man EDT Perfume Review

Versace Man by Versace Review 1

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Versace Man EDT Perfume Review
Versace Man may be passed over for the Versace Man Eau Fraichê, but that does not mean that it is not elegant and charming on its own. While it is sweet for a masculine offering, it thankfully does not go overboard because of its base that is just slightly artificial. While this smells mild to us, it’s hard to deny that it is a well-blended mix of florientals. It won’t offend anyone, yet lasts for more than half a day on the skin. Keep a bottle to mix things up, although this in particular is not meant to wow.
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Excellent staying power
Sweet but not overdone, just right for a masculine scent
Works best in cooler temperatures
We think it is mild and inoffensive
Does not seem appropriate for the office
The woodsy vibe of the fragrance is typical for its contemporaries
Can feel a little old-fashioned
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Very few frag heads remember Versace Man which is outshined by its flanker, Versace Man Eau Fraichê, which is more preferred in certain markets in the world including the United States. But it is elegant on its own, thanks to the composition made possible by perfumer Domitille Michalon. The ingredients are a few common picks for men’s perfumes and then more. These include bergamot, neroli, angelica, cardamom, saffron, labdanum, tobacco and casmir.

Versace Man by Versace Review 2

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