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Be Fashionable AND Woke in 2019 By Checking Out These Vegan Designer Brands


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If there’s a style resolution each one of us should undertake, it should be being mindful of our fashion picks and how they  contribute to the planet’s state. There is little doubt that ‘sustainability’ and related words have become buzzwords in the past year, with big names in the industry announcing once and for all that they’re going fur-free, and others choosing the path of no-virgin-plastic production. But going vegan and eco-friendly does not have to be forgotten along with the rest of 2018—here are 10 vegan brands you can check and invest in to make sustainability more than just a passing trend.

Brave Gentleman


We’re starting off the list with a PETA-approved brand offering luxury footwear to men. Brave Gentleman, founded by Joshua Katcher in 2010, creates its shoes with materials that are sourced from cruelty-free means and are occasionally recycled. In 2016, it was declared as PETA’s Menswear Brand of the Year. Recently, it announced that it will be making sustainable suits out of Italian bamboo instead of the more common wool.

Cult Gaia


If you frequent Instagram for style inspiration, chances are you are already familiar with Cult Gaia, especially because their bamboo bags are a must-have among It girls. There’s another reason to buy from the brand besides their being trendy: the feminine pieces are made out of materials that are leftovers from previous production to avoid waste. You won’t feel bad knowing that every material is put into good, stylish use.


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Terracotta fam ? Which ones?

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Dalia MacPhee


There was a time when vegan gowns were hard to come by; you may not have even encountered the term until now! Enter Dalia MacPhee, who now gives a guilty-free feeling after looking extra glamorous on last night’s special occasion. Her couture creations are just as fancy as other designer frocks, but a Dalia MacPhee gown comes with the benefit of animal-friendly materials that were turned into something mesmerizing.

Emma Brewin


If you need to cleanse yourself of the bad taste left by the word ‘faux’, here’s an upcoming designer you should be checking out. Preferring to stay in Kent rather than head over to London, Emma Brewin has created some of the most fanciful pieces of faux fur around. Even her Puss Puss earrings, made of leftover material from other pieces, are a must-have. Everything from the brand is made to order so that it could reduce waste.

Faustine Steinmetz


The London-based French designer Faustine Steinmetz wants her pieces to be the antidote to fast fashion, along with the disadvantages that come with it. Every creation is done meticulously too, and by hand, applied to every step of the way. The result when the deconstructed materials are pieced together are anything but basic. They’re worth every space in your collection, especially since they are made to last.


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Jill Milan


Often, the word ‘vegan’ does not conjure images of worldliness and glamour. Jill Milan dispels the notion, committing to produce pieces that are of high Italian quality but are at the same time vegan and leather-free. The brand has been spotted on A-list celebrity-filled events, such as the Met Gala and the Oscars. Actress Anne Hathaway is counted as among its biggest fans.

Ministry of Tomorrow


This luxury vegan brand sets itself apart from the rest not only because of its stylish releases and eco-friendly materials, but also due to its efforts to support both environmental and social causes. Each bag is beautifully handmade by artisans from Nairobi, Kenya. There’s no exploitation of talents here—the company ensures that each one of the artisans, along with rest of its employees, are given a fair wage.


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Spotted in ?New York City, the Ministry of Tomorrow Vegan Leather Crossbody. Fitted with one external back slip pocket and an adjustable strap for durability and comfort while carrying. The interior is ideal for stowing a tablet and keeping other essentials secure and organized. This bag is equipped with a secret pocket adorned with a flower-of-life patterned button. The bag comes with a MOT branded elegant charm that doubles as an unsuspecting protective compartment for a spliff to go. This piece is handcrafted in Nairobi and finished with substantial off-gold hardware for a luxurious look and feel. The Compact Messenger is a sleek and sophisticated accessory.  #ecofashionhouse #consciousfashion #ministryoftomorrow #greenfashion #veganfashionblogger #veganbags #veganleather #sustainablefashionblogger

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Italian and vegan are two words that describe Nemanti, whose footwear offerings allow you to enjoy high quality material without harming animals that are often made sources of leather. If you want to indulge your obsession for shoes and desire for the unique, Nemanti also has a bespoke shoe service.

RJ Gibson


Add exquisitely embroidered vegan bags to your collection courtesy of RJ Gibson, who makes them in Scotland. You can personalize the elements that come with the bag with the assurance that all the materials that will be used will be ethically sourced, right to the tiniest of details.

Stella McCartney


You didn’t really think we’d make this list without Stella McCartney in it, did you? The British brand was green way before it was even cool for fashion brands to go environment- and animal-friendly. The designer lives and breathes vegan even outside her professional life, and is among the most outspoken activists in the industry. The designer, and consequently her namesake label, are leaders in promoting sustainability and accountability among fashion brands.


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Classic Stella tones redefined with stripes and the stamped monogram ? ? #StellaMcCartney #StellasWorld

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