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Vans Checkerboard Slip-On Review

Vans Checkerboard Slip-On Sneakers Review

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Vans Checkerboard Slip-On Sneakers Review
Vans Checkerboard Slip-On Review
Nothing beats a classic, and Vans’ Checkerboard Slip-On is definitely one. Such a simple black and white pattern has had the world falling in love with shoes and helped push Vans into greater heights in the retail industry. It may not be the most exciting pair in the world, but it continues to have relevance to fashion and pop culture to this day. Even in 2018, Vans’ Checkerboard Slip-On remains to be a symbol for youth and fun, and that won’t be changing for a long time.
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One of the keys to a successful brand is to have that one identifiable characteristic that will make customers remember its identity. From high fashion to mass market, a label that can make its mark on such a competitive industry has the potential to be one of the biggest in the business. One of the most memorable is the American shoe brand Vans, with their checkerboard print that has since become a staple in streetwear.

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Release Year: 1982
Price: US$50.00

The classic shoe with its iconic pattern was introduced to the public back in 1982 when the Vans label was just emerging. The item became a favorite among the youth, particularly those in the skateboard crowd and in urban cities. The checkerboard evolved into one of the symbols of rebellious youth and to this day, Vans still sells a lot of them. With a price of only $50, the Checkerboard Slip-On is one of the most bought and most seen shoes in all of the retail industry.


The black and white checkerboard pattern catches one’s eye from a mile away, even though it’s already a classic. Through the years, Vans has amped it up by offering it in different colors, sometimes even color-blocking to create a more impactful appeal. Its popularity and success have also depended on how comfortable and easy the shoes are to wear. Just one slip and one’s feet is already one of the best-dressed on the street.


As the saying goes “too much of a good thing can be bad” and it applies to the Checkerboard Slip-on. With its affordable price tag and the comfort it brings, loads of people from around the world have at least a pair or two. This makes the shoe stand-out less against other products with more impactful designs. Additionally, no matter how comfortable the shoes are, they’re not water-resistant. Because of the light materials used to create the pair, it leaves the wearer completely vulnerable during wet climates.

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