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Vanitas by Versace Review

Vanitas Perfume by Versace Review 1

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Vanitas by Versace Review
Designer perfumes have fallen flat time and again, but having that expectation from Versace from the get-go makes experiencing Vanitas a delightful surprise to us. Sure, it is not the pillar of creativity or uniqueness, but it is wonderfully light and easy to wear, especially during the summer. Lime comes off strong but then blends wonderfully with freesia, and the base allows it to be fully realized. We honestly could have benefited from a longer staying power and moderate sillage for the price, or even a more defined scent.
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One we would wear for summer
The strong opening becomes nice and soft once the heart of tiare and freesia emerges
We find that this has below average sillage and longevity
Lacks character
The base smells very synthetic
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Vanitas is a departure from the ornate perfume vessels we’ve seen from Versace, even though the scent might not be. Signed by perfumer Dora Baghriche, Vanitas features notes of lime, fressia, tiare, tonka and cedar. Then 16-year old model Lindsey Wixson was the face for the fragrance. Vanitas was made available in 30, 50 and 100 ml in 2011.

Vanitas Perfume by Versace Review 2

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