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Valentino Heroes Reflex Sneakers Review

Valentino Heroes Reflex Sneakers Review

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Valentino Heroes Reflex Sneakers Review
Valentino Heroes Reflex Sneakers Review
The high fashion brands that have been around for decades should not be underestimated. Such luxury labels, plenty of which are worth billions of dollars, still have a lot of aces up their sleeves to survive and climb atop the cut-throat fashion industry. In the case of Valentino, the brand embraced sportswear and enthused their own classic and sophisticated style on many market favorites. A prime example is their Heroes Reflex sneakers, where their couture craftsmanship was incorporated into sneaker culture to come up with an impactful yet refined pair of sneakers.
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The house of Valentino is one of the many haute couture maisons that have stood the test of time. In fact, the founder himself, Valentino Garavani, who’s regarded as the last designer to come out of the Golden Age of haute couture, only retired just ten years ago. Those who’ve followed in his footsteps have kept his eponymous label alive and well. But none have been quite as successful as the brand’s current creative director, Pierpaolo Piccioli. It was Piccoli who introduced the elegant signatures of Valentino to the highly-successful world of sportswear, particularly with the label’s Heroes Reflex sneakers.

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Release date: Spring 2018
Retail Price: US$955.00

The sneakers are part of the label’s spring 2018 line and were even heavily-featured during their show at Paris Menswear Fashion Week. The spring line was released earlier this year, accompanied by a viral ad campaign video featuring up and coming singer Troye Sivan. Out of all the sneakers that were released in 2018 so far, Valentino’s Heroes Reflex sneakers are currently the most expensive, priced at an astounding $955 a pair.


For a couture house like Valentino, one would expect that their products would be intricately-designed and are of the highest quality. This rings true for their Heroes Reflex sneakers, which is a combination of a myriad of luxurious textiles that complete this sophisticated footwear. Marrying the durability of leather and suede with the eye-catching shimmer of metallics, the shoes are almost haute couture-like in their construction and craftsmanship. Staying true to the house’s codes, the sneakers are also embellished with studs that harken back to their famous ballet flats.


The shoes are supposed to be sportswear but they seem to be too precious to wear for any sport or exercise. Made in Italy, regarded as the world’s capital for footwear, a lot of customers and clients find Valentino’s Heroes Reflex shoes to be too delicate a pair for any athletic endeavor. They’re more for aesthetic purposes than anything, which relatively defeats the purpose of the shoes in the first place.

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