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Ugg Ansley Moccasin Review

Ugg Ansley Moccasin Review

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Ugg Ansley Moccasin Review
Ugg Ansley Moccasin Review
There’s no denying that the UGG Ansley is one pair of beautiful and enviable slippers that you can use indoors and outdoors to be ultra-comfortable without feeling inappropriately dressed. But you also have to pay a considerable amount just to keep your feet toasty.
Value for Money

Imagine this: it’s a cold morning, and you’re enjoying the chilly weather, sipping a cup of hot joe or choco, whichever you prefer. You pull a couch you’ve often slept on on tired days right in front of the window, and gaze lazily at the picturesque scene outside. Putting your feet up the ledge, you see your tootsies wearing the most adorable slippers. What do you imagine wearing? We’re sure what you have in mind is a beaut, but we doubt you’d want it as much as the Ansley Moccasin from UGG.

The Australian company UGG may be famous for its boots, but the furry footwear aren’t the only ones you should be on the lookout for when browsing offerings from the brand. Its Ansley moccasins, made from suede and lined with wool, appear luxurious and comfy, that they may be worth a spot on your shoe rack.

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Release date: 2011
Price: US$99.95


Let’s begin with the obvious—the Ansley moccasins are fancy, suitable for when you choose to wear them inside or otherwise. If you like to keep your things at a minimum, then it would be best to opt for shoes that are versatile enough to be worn everywhere, and with everything. The material it is made in, which is mostly leather and suede, leaves a luxurious feeling. When you want to treat yourself even while you are just indoors, you can slip them on and revel in the smoothness and softness of the wool lining.

While materials made out of leather and suede in general need maintenance, the UGG Ansley is made with a water resistant upper that you only need to blot occasionally so it keep its nice look. It is also designed to not easily absorb stains and moisture. Meanwhile, the rubber outsole allows for a firmer grip in each step. This balances the smooth feel of the rest of the moccasins.


A beauty like the UGG Ansley comes with a steep price, so that’s certainly a factor that would be off-putting to shoppers. Despite having a water-resistant upper, the brand still recommends that a water and stain repellent be applied from time to time to maintain its water resistance. UGG models mostly run large, and the Ansley is no exception, which can consequently pose problems in support and fit.

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