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Top 7 Luxury Pouches for Women in 2018

Women have a peculiar fascination (or obsession) with bags. We have a bag for every occasion, although others prefer to get a bag that they can take anywhere and anytime. Regardless of the level of interest or passion we have for bags, there are still days when we feel like going bag-free. During those days, you cannot just rely on your wallet to hold everything you need; hence, our tendency to go for pouches. They come in different sizes and shapes, each with its own personality that you can carry by itself or use it as an organizer or a makeshift compartment in your bag. Since we want you to have a more stylish and adventurous year, we listed below the top 7 luxury pouches for women in 2018.

  1. Diane Von Furstenberg Circle Mirrored Smooth White Leather Pouch

Diane Von Furstenberg Circle Mirrored Smooth White Leather Pouch

Price: US$150.00
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The ‘Circle’ pouch from Diane Von Furstenberg is a big hit for women who like their accessories minimalist but chic and sophisticated. Made from leather, both sides of the pouch are mirrored and detailed with white trims making the pouch even more playful and eye-catching. The pouch is equipped with two compartments that could hold your coins and cards, even fits in your lipstick for a quick retouch. You can carry the cute white pouch by hand or strapping it around the waist.

  1. Prada Large Shell Pouch

Prada Large Shell Pouch

Price: US$310.00
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One can never go wrong with anything Prada. You’ve got a long day ahead and wants to make sure you have all your essentials in hand. Don’t fret, this Prada pouch is here to save the day. We just love how this pouch functions both as a carry-on pouch and a bag organizer. With its 14cm x 22cm x 8cm dimension, this pouch holds your items to safety. Made from black shell and leather, it features the classic signature logo on the front. Inside rests a roomy interior, which you can easily access through its zip fastening along top and sides.

  1. Roksandra Aplin Textured Leather Pouch

Roksandra Aplin Textured Leather Pouch

Price: US$615.00
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If you are a fan of bright colors and geometric shapes, then you will be happy to find this luxury pouch from Roksandra fits perfect in your 2018. Add some colors to your new year with this beautiful Aplin pouch from Roksandra. Such an eye candy, the bag comes in light blue, pastel yellow, and blush, one color for each sculptural shape. It is crafted from textured leather and features the light blue masterpiece finished with contrasting blush circle and the diamond-shaped zipper pull in pastel yellow. The pouch is equipped with a zip fastening along top. It looks absolutely attractive and fashionable.

  1. Givenchy Printed Textured Leather Pouch

Givenchy Printed Textured Leather Pouch 2

Price: US$475.00
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Part of Givenchy’s Fall 2017 collection is this cool and leather pouch. The label, for their Fall collection, brought back some of their most memorable styles, one of which is the Bambi print, which was first seen in 2013. The pouch comes in red, an effortless standout color, and features a Bambi print. The black print looks great in contrast to the red textured leather, with canvas-lined interior. Its slim silhouette can hold your cards, keys, and even phone. Moreover, it makes a good organizer to your favorite bag.

  1. Balenciaga Printed Leather Triangular Pouch

Balenciaga Printed Leather Triangular Pouch

Price: US$495.00
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Street style is now dominated by edgy and out of the box pieces that altogether create fashion magazine-worthy looks. Upgrade your 2018 wardrobe with this triangular pouch from Balenciaga. It is the smallest piece so far for the brand’s angular accessories. Cut from leather, it is a minimalist pouch bearing nothing else but printed logo in white. The zip fastening along top and sides reveals a crimson leather lining with a card slot for your cashless transactions. Overall, the pouch looks sleek and refined.

  1. Gucci Printed Coated-Canvas Textured Leather Pouch

Gucci Printed Coated-Canvas Textured Leather Pouch

Price: US$620.00
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Whoever said pouches wouldn’t rock an outfit has probably not seen beauty such as this gorgeous Gucci pouch. It is a sophisticated piece with its beautiful print and slim silhouette that looks great against a casual or even a formal ensemble. The pouch is designed with the brand’s GG coated-canvas that bears the exquisite Tian motif with reference to 18th century Chinese tapestries. On the opposite side, meanwhile, reveals a red textured-leather that adds structure to the pouch. Truly beautiful!

  1. Fendi Set Three Leather Pouches

Fendi Set Three Leather Pouches

Price: US$1,300.00
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If you think organization couldn’t get any more organized, think again. This Fendi pouches is such a takeaway as it comes in three’s. Cut from soft leather, the pouches come in colors baby pink, cream, and gray-green, fixed altogether through the silver logo ring. You have the liberty to carry it one pouch at a time or in sets, depending on what you need for the day. All three are secured by zip fastenings on the top. Sporting these pouches as a set is both fun and fresh.

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