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Where Art and Fashion Meet: Top 7 Cult Gaia Bags

Where Art and Fashion Meet - Top 7 Cult Gaia Bags

2017 was definitely Cult Gaia designer Jasmin Larian‘s year, and hers is the kind of success story we often read about and admire. Having your name known to people, especially in the world of fashion, is quite a feat in itself. But she made a cult out of Cult Gaia by garnering a large following and making it a fast-emerging brand in the industry. You may know her from the ethereal flower crowns she used to make under the same brand, which is how she first got her foot in the door, but these 7 bags are proof of how much more she can expand creativity in fashion as a new trendsetter in this trade.

  1.  CULT GAIA Ark large bamboo clutch

CULT GAIA Ark large bamboo clutch

Buy: US$170.00

We can’t not give the most special mention to the bag that launched Cult Gaia into a fashion sensation. The bamboo Ark made the rounds on Instagram last year among influencers, bloggers, and Hollywood celebrities alike for its unconventional construction. And we can confirm that it is so much worth the hype.

  1. CULT GAIA acrylic arc bag

CULT GAIA acrylic arc bag

Buy: US$436.00

The Ark bag took 2 years before it became what we know today, but now that we’ve seen and loved it, there’s no other way to go than forward. From bamboo, it’s already been made using acrylic and in different colors, but this malachite Ark caught our attention for the reminder it gives us of tropical palm trees and balmy beach weather.

  1. CULT GAIA clutch bag

CULT GAIA clutch bag

Buy: US$448.00

The Lilleth opens as iridescent sea shells would. Its design brings out memories of collecting them and embellishing our sand castles. With the Mother of Pearl Lilleth, you can get the ultimate seaside vibe, even if you miss out on outings this summer.

  1. CULT GAIA Luna Shoulder Bag

CULT GAIA Luna Shoulder Bag

Buy: US$359.00

If we could see the moon at the beginning of its cycle, it would probably resemble the dark vigor of this Luna bag. Even with an opposing color from Cult Gaia’s normal palette, the Luna bag still has the same lightness and uplifiting quality as with the other bags. The only advantage is you get to use this even for fall and winter and not feel sorely out of season.

  1. CULT GAIA The Babe weaved shoulder bag

CULT GAIA The Babe weaved shoulder bag

Price: US$284.00

While you may assume that Cult Gaia is for women who wants a bit of edge in their summer outfits, this Babe bag shows a more quirky and fun side to the brand. Mimicking the typical piggy bank shape and opening, this woven bag makes a perfect keeper of your beach essentials.

  1. CULT GAIA Big bamboo tote

CULT GAIA Big bamboo tote

Buy: US$230.00

Gaia’s Big is like an extension of their Ark bag. Constructed in the same way, it has the Ark’s appealing striped bamboo design, only bigger and with a roomier shape to allow more things to fit.

  1. CULT GAIA Lilleth tote

CULT GAIA Lilleth tote

Buy: US$378.00

We’re sure you’ve been tempted enough with the enticing materials and designs, but Cult Gaia is not known to settle, even when they’re reached a peak. Their Tortoise Lilleth is a fall and winter equivalent to the summery Mother of Pearl Lilleth, which gives you reason to get one now while the gloomy season is still here.

The way Cult Gaia suddenly became a big thing in just a year is probably a scenario that our current generation and culture made happen, but it doesn’t take away from the genius designs that really deserves all the credit. If there’s one thing to take away from this, it’s that Cult Gaia is now a solid name in the business. We haven’t seen the last of it, and we should be waiting for what they come up with in the future.

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