Top 5 Best-selling Classy Gucci Watches for Women

Top 5 Awesome Gucci Watches for Women

September 2022 Sales (LATEST)

What woman doesn’t love Gucci, right? Once you spot that signature double-G symbol on any of their accessories, you know it’s a great one to invest in. This luxury brand never ceases to impress with their one-of-a-kind designs that are striking and noticeable anywhere.

We know watches are the most purposeful accessories because of their functionality and how they add something to your outfit. If you had to get one, get it from Gucci. Here are 5 of their watches – both timeless and exotic – to get for yourself.

  1. GUCCI G-Timeless stainless steel leather watch

GUCCI G-Timeless stainless steel leather watch

Price: US$1,100.00
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Made with gold stainless steel and sturdy black leather strap and buckle, this piece is a classic elegant style that will match anything and survive the ever-changing trends. Symbols of a star, heart, bee, and the double-G take the place of the usual numbers to add a dainty detail and differentiate it from other similar watches. If you’re looking for simple, this one’s perfect.

  1. GUCCI Timeless Small steel watch

GUCCI Timeless Small steel watch

Price: US$890.00
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Gucci’s Timeless watch speaks for itself because its silver steel wrist has been seen since decades past, and it’s something that will never go out of style. As far as watches go, this is probably the one we’ll still see on display a couple decades into the future. Like the first, numbers are substituted by gold symbols. Gold and silver together has been long-debated but this watch proves that they can go together and look even fancier.



Price: US$870.00
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This watch may as well be the ultimate representation of Gucci. Their color, red and green, run along the band in stripes. And on the red stripe, an endearing ‘l’aveugle par amour’, a phrase only found in Gucci which means ‘blinded by love’, is spelled out. The same pattern goes in the actual watch while an embroidered bee – another signature – rests on the middle. Gold steel finishes off the accessory and adds a silent pizzazz.

  1. GUCCI Striped canvas, leather and silver-tone watch

GUCCI Striped canvas, leather and silver-tone watch

Price: US$840.00
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In a similar style, this watch’s band replicates the stripes, only this time in ivory, red, and navy. The elongated wristband is backed with leather and the silver steel differentiates it from the former. It’s wrapped around multiple times to look wider on your wrist, so it will probably take no time until you get compliments for it.



Price: US$780.00
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Gucci takes a trendier approach with their Plexiglass watch. The watch itself provides an interesting detail as the design imitates the interior on purpose. It uses the same signature colors with gold stud accents around the watch, and along the band. It also sits like a bangle so don’t worry if you don’t wear watches, think of this one as a full-on accessory.

It only takes half a second to look at the time but with these wristwatches, you’ll probably want to look a little longer just to admire the intricacy and simple elegance of a watch that only Gucci can achieve.

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