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The Voguish Folks Over at Kith and Versace Tease a Collab

The Voguish Folks Over at Kith and Versace Tease a Collab

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…and the revelation was nothing short of amazing.

If you need proof that designers know how to maximize their influence through their social media sites, you only need to look at Ronnie Fieg’s. The KITH designer recently took to Instagram a snap of a jacket that mashes Medusa with the KITH logo. In fashion, the snake-haired figure is such an impactful symbol that the image requires no clarifications as to which label it’s referring to. Yes, Fieg was teasing a collab between his very own KITH and the maximalist fashion house Versace, and we’re all ears out for this one.

The Voguish Folks Over at Kith and Versace Tease a Collab 1

Fieg said in the caption that he and Donatella has worked on a collection that will be highly relevant to both parties, but stopped short before revealing too much. He told followers instead that his event, the KITH Park, will change things for both labels, and indirectly urged followers to stay tuned.

An unexpected partnership

Previously, Versace and KITH may be two brands that won’t be linked with each other. They’re of different specializations anyway, as well as target markets. But when you think of the impression they create, the idea of a collaboration does not seem too farfetched. Donatella put it best when she said that both brands create an image that’s undoubtedly exclusive to them and effortless. This is definitely a big chunk of why Donatella gave the go signal for a partnership, as well as thinking of Kith in the same league of cool as Versace.

Fieg was just as thrilled working with the Italian label. He has expressed his appreciation of Donatella’s trust when they had to reimagine iconic Versace prints, sometimes even those from its archive. Even though the prints are of decades mostly forgotten save for in the realms of nostalgia, they don’t necessarily have to bring the beholder back to the past. Sometimes, they can be reimagined, deconstructed and reintroduced with a modern kick, so that they could very much be of the times.

Unveiling the fruits of their union

The Voguish Folks Over at Kith and Versace Tease a Collab The Voguish Folks Over at Kith and Versace Tease a Collab 3

The KITH Park event Fieg was referring to did take place right shortly. The show managed to present other collaborations, even one with Tommy Hilfiger, but Versace mostly takes the cake even with just the eye-catching Versace x KITH logo alone.

The merging of the two styles, high fashion and streetwear, has been wonderfully executed that it can attract people of different genders, tastes, or purposes for using prints. The Hadid siblings, among other notable models, were revealed to be wearing vintage-like designs by Versace, filled with logos, and yet the construction tells us that the ‘90s are long gone. This rings true to almost every part regardless of category: accessories, menswear, womenswear. The project has been a delight for Fieg, as many could tell from the outcome. So far, there are no announcements regarding release date but we bet that when they drop, the attention of even those who failed to see the collab will be all over it.

Check out the upcoming Kith x Versace collection below:

Image credits: Ronnie Fieg, Imaxtree. Gallery Photos: Imaxtree

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