The Secret To Flawless Makeup Application: Top Luxury Makeup Sponges

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Do you remember when Beautyblenders entered the makeup scene and changed the whole makeup application game? The revolutionary makeup tools allowed us to achieve levels of perfection in the makeup blending department that we never thought we could.


It wasn’t long before when beautyblenders and makeup sponges took over what was once brush-dominated makeup bags. And now, we’ve got a handful of high-end brands having their own versions of the original beauty blender—which meant more options for us! Let’s look into what’s out there in the market with our best makeup sponges list:

The Original Beautyblender ($20)

The-Original-Beautyblender-1 The-Original-Beautyblender

Buy: $20.00

Of course we’re starting with The Original Beautyblender! Still the best and on top of the popularity game, the one that started all the makeup sponge is also still the greatest one out there (in our opinion!). Well, it seems like were not the only ones who think that, because numerous makeup-artists, beauty bloggers and vloggers still have this one as their favorite. And who wouldn’t? The perfect makeup blend can be achieved with the bouncing movement also made popular by this product.

Tarte Cosmetics The Shaper Sponge ($18)


Buy: $18.00

Tarte brought in a beautiful element in their version of the makeup sponge by adding a marbled texture in it. Although we’re loving that, what we love more is the smooth and velvet-feel of the foam when it gets in contact with the skin. The material itself is dense, so it offers a bit more of durability. And the angled edges? Well, let’s just say they would make those hard to reach areas quite manageable. They’re perfect for contouring, as well!

MAC Pro Performance Sponge ($19.00)


Buy: $19.00

One remarkable trait of MAC’s Pro Performance Sponge is its pointed end that makes precise application so easy, especially when compared to flat sponges. The size and shape of this sponge makes it more apt for blending bronzers and highlighters. And oh, it’s durable, too!

Sephora Collection Detail Oriented Sponge ($12)


Buy: $12.00

Okay, who wasn’t excited when Sephora came out with their own makeup sponge? A level up from your regular makeup sponge, the Detail Oriented Sponge was made for the more “pro” makeup application, like face sculpting and Kim K-level of contouring. Up for the challenge? Then this can be your reliable tool.

Make Up For Ever 222 Sponge Applicator ($13)


Buy: $13.00

Say goodbye to blotchy and patchy makeup in the under eye and other hard-to-reach areas in your face. How? The sponge’s small size makes it the perfect makeup tool for travel and yup, blending on corners and areas you’ve been having trouble with.

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge ($9.24)

Real-Techniques-Miracle-Complexion-Sponge Real-Techniques-Miracle-Complexion-Sponge-1

Buy: $6.49

Among the first ones to compete with the original beautyblender is Real Techniques. Releasing the Miracle Complexion Sponge at a very budget-friendly price, this one has been the more affordable alternative that did not disappoint makeup-lovers. It has introduced a different flat-ended shape in contrast to the egg-shape of the original beauty blender, which helps a lot in contouring.

The Makeup Bullet ($14.95)


Buy: $14.95

Probably the cutest makeup sponge yet, The Makeup Bullet isn’t something that only charms with its look, but its performance as well. The main advantage of this sponge is that is capitalizes on the dexterity of your fingers—which makes makeup application fast and easy.

Fenty Beauty Precision Makeup Sponge ($16)


Buy: $16.00

Of course Queen Riri wouldn’t be far behind on the makeup sponge game. Her no-cruelty brand, Fenty Beauty, has released the Precision Makeup Sponge offering a higher notch of softness for a more smooth bounce and to achieve more flawless makeup application. Another advantage: it costs $4 less than the original beautyblender!

Sigma Beauty 3DHD Blender ($15)


Buy: $15.00

Sigma Beauty’s 3DHD Blender is a firm version of the sponge we love—which makes the bouncing and blending a breeze. We adore the shape of this sponge which can make precise makeup application so easy.

Milk Makeup Dab + Blend Applicator ($14)

Milk-Makeup-Dab-Blend-Applicator Milk-Makeup-Dab-Blend-Applicator-1

Buy: $14.00

We know this isn’t actually a makeup sponge, but come on—the Milk Makeup Dab + Blend Applicator is a great makeup tool that performs like the other sponges do. But one major advantage of this applicator is that it doesn’t absorb your product. Well it isn’t an easy adjustment when you’re used to a sponge or a brush, but after a few application, you’re surely be a gliding on your silicone sponge like a pro. A little bit of product goes a long way too, so you’d love to save some bucks with this one.

Ready to bounce your makeup troubles away? Purchase any of these dependable makeup sponges and applicators and you’ll be bouncing and blending like no other.


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