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The Results of Tod’s and Alessandro Dell’Acqua are Finally Here


The Gommino driving moccasin is a classic—even without knowing its name, you would have encountered the shoe, or a clone of it at least, at one point or another. Originally intended for race car drivers, it has become Tod’s standout and bestselling offering, beloved by many for its casual appeal and comfort. It does not hurt to see a refresh every now and then, though. This time, we’re seeing a new twist on the shoes (and on more!), courtesy of Italian veteran designer Alessandro Dell’Acqua.

We first learned of the partnership back in September, when it was announced that Tod’s Chairman Diego Della Valle has tapped the designer best known for his labels Rochas and N°21 to reinvent some of its staples. Dell’Acqua fully knows Tod’s DNA, making him the perfect partner for the project. As someone from the southern part of Italy though, he felt compelled to inject some of the sensuality of the region. Working with precious materials, Dell’Acqua has also brought metropolitan elements into the classic Italian craftsmanship of Tod’s.

Behind The Scene


The collaboration promised enough choices for the footwear, and more modern takes on Tod’s ready-to-wear. This month, they are all ready to be bought, each one of the nine different shoe styles as well as the dresses, trench coats and accessories. It’s not hard to zoom in on the shoes, however, that have been the bread and butter of Tod’s since the 1920s. The footwear all share the signature textured pebble soles, and the lovely, high quality leather that the brand has been associated with for decades. Dell’Acqua’s affinity for black and pink has also found its way into the selection. There’s a clingy boot that’s meant to appeal to those who have embraced the comfortable sock shoe trend, as well as a kitten heel that seems to be an elevated version of the loafer. The moccasins, meanwhile, have a dainty finish in the form of a bow.

The partnership was made possible through Tod’s recent initiative, Tod’s Factory. Named after pop artist Andy Warhol’s Factory collective, it was Tod’s way of reaching out to the new generation. With it, the brand will be inviting designers to have their own spin at their already established style, as well as find ways for collaboration with artists, photographers and filmmakers. “I like the idea of opening up Tod’s to many more talents. It’s the start of a new era for our brand,” Della Valle said when the concept was first introduced publicly. Tod’s Factory has been compared more than once to Moncler’s Genius line, but unlike the latter, the former has decided to only name one partner at a time. In September, Della Valle has claimed to already have three creators in line, and Dell’Acqua is just the first designer of the bunch. The list is kept “interesting and unexpected” to truly refresh Tod’s repertoire.

The collection is now available for purchase, with Tod’s x Alessandro Dell’Acqua officially launched on November 16. Besides Tod’s official stores and retailing partners, the items can be bought online through its website. The brand has also opened pop-up stores in New York and Los Angeles.

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Image credits:  Tod’s, Ivan Grianti

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