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The Beat for Men by Burberry Review

The Beat for Men by Burberry Review 1

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The Beat for Men by Burberry Review
Burberry’s fragrances aren’t often elevated to a classic status, and are more relegated to easy picks because of their safe vibe. The Beat doesn’t break expectations for us, but it could not be contested that it is quite pleasant especially because of its interesting opening. The woodsy fragrance falls flat and feels synthetic once it reaches the end, a development that feels like a missed opportunity. Still, it is effortlessly fun and youthful, just as intended, and would not have anyone from the office complain of its offensiveness.
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Would not offend anyone you’re sharing your space with
Well-done men’s fragrance that would also appeal to women
Sillage and longevity are average
We feel that it becomes generic post-opening
A tad too peppery for our liking
A synthetic smell reveals itself by the drydown
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You would not be wrong to associate The Beat for Men with music. According to then Burberry Creative Director Christopher Bailey, it was composed by perfumers Domitille Bertier and Olivier Polge to be suitable for the Razorlight, Arctic Monkeys-listening crowd, which back in 2008 were often in their teens or in their twenties. But this should not limit those who can wear it appropriately even if it is intended to feel effortlessly young and cool. The notes aren’t exactly rock ‘n roll, but they do achieve the desired youthful feel; accords listed for the fragrance include citron, black pepper, violet, thyme, geranium and vetiver.

The Beat for Men by Burberry Review 2

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