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Tardes by Carner Barcelona Review

Tardes by Carner Barcelona Review 1

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Tardes by Carner Barcelona Review
Carner Barcelona’s Tardes is a fragrance that is assured of its quality and the comfort it is able to provide its wearers. There is touch of nature and as well as a nostalgic vibe in every whiff of the scent. We get a mostly sweet, woodsy smell that is also injected with some alcohol. Tardes, which has excellent performance and decent sillage, is not one to let you in on its beauty all at once; it took time to get there for us, but we would gladly wear it again.
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Well-made gourmand scent that does not flaunt of the fact
Safe to wear in closed spaces and on most days of the year
Performance is excellent
We feel that it comes off as a little vintagey, which is not for everyone
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Tardes is designed to accompany a relaxing nature walk, or to be able to indulge its wearer in one even when an actual trail is miles away. That is achieved by blending together geranium, rosewood, almond and rose for the top notes; celery, cedar and plum for the heart; and musk, tonka and heliotrope for the base. The scent was designed by Daniela Andrier for Carner Barcelona. Tardes was officially introduced in 2010.

Tardes by Carner Barcelona Review 2

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