Statement Designer Necklaces to Rock in 2019

Statement Necklaces to Rock in 2019

August 2021 Sales (LATEST)

Statement pieces have fallen out of grace in the past years. After a time of embracing big, loud and proud accessories, the trendy among us have felt tired seeing them over and over again, and even cheapened in appeal due in part to low quality replicas in the market. They were once everywhere until they were slowly phased out and cannot be found just as often anymore. At this time of the year, however, we are seeing a resurgence of interest in creating a statement through accessories. We’re predicting that some of this will spill over in 2019, so why not stay ahead of your fashionista game?

Just take a look at the following statement necklaces:

1. Ileana Makri Empty Eye 18-karat gold diamond necklace

Ileana Makri Empty Eye 18-karat gold diamond necklace

Price: US$1,330.00
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You must have heard of evil eyes striking misfortune—the concept has been around since the Roman civilization although the intensity of the fear they generate seem to vary across regions. To counter its ill effects, the superstitious also wore an ‘evil eye’ to serve as talisman. Regardless if you subscribe to the idea or not, the evil eye does make a one of a kind statement. Take this handcrafted Ileana Makri gold and diamond necklace to ward off bad luck, or even simply just bad fashion sense.

2. Monica Vinader Riva Waterfall rose gold vermeil diamond necklace

Monica Vinader Riva Waterfall rose gold vermeil diamond necklace

Price: US$2,045.00
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Monica Vinader’s necklace is a charming, subtle-but-not-too-subtle statement piece that has been inspired by the Italian Riviera, hence the name. This one in particular is set to mimic the sight of a waterfall through rose gold vermeil and diamonds. The jewelry may not scream “Notice me!” while on your neck but any attention directed towards it is well-deserved; it gets the job done even in the absence of baubles.

3. Foundrae Dream 18-karat gold, brass and diamond necklace

Foundrae Dream 18-karat gold, brass and diamond necklace

Price: US$5,100.00
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Foundrae’s Dream necklace can be a symbolic key to many things, having been created as a modern heirloom in mind, but what we’re sure of is that it can give access to a strong ensemble with a statement piece, one that dangles from the neck and will catch the interest of most people who come its way. The handmade accessory gets its name from the word “Dream” engraved on the back of the key-shaped pendant. The symbols are supposedly there to mean self-discovery, revelation and drive.

4. Oscar de la Renta Gold-tone necklace

Oscar de la Renta Gold-tone necklace

Price: US$580.00
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Oscar de la Renta‘s foliage is feminine and delicate. The size allows the necklace to really stand out, although you can strategize on how it should appear on your neck by simply adjusting its flexible links and drop as much as you like. If you decide to wear this as a statement piece in the Fall, you’d be very much in tune with Oscar de la Renta’s Fall ‘18 collection.

5. SIMON MILLER Face enamel and metal necklace

SIMON MILLER Face enamel and metal necklace

Price: US$340.00
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Dropping at 33 centimeters, SIMON MILLER’s face necklace is perfect for you if you want to steer away from the more common metallics but still want to get the fair share of compliments for your statement piece. Designed by Chelsea Hansford and Daniel Corrigan, it was first introduced in Los Angeles during SIMON MILLER’s Fall ‘18 fashion show, during which the face did just that. The bright red enamel coats the metal and hangs from a similarly colored cord.

6. Buccellati Hawaii 18-karat gold necklace

Buccellati Hawaii 18-karat gold necklace

Price: US$15,000.00
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This Buccellati piece has been around in the 1930s, only receiving minor changes through the years but staying essentially the same with the intertwining circles. And yet, it seems timely even a few years short of a century after. If you want to do away with the weight and size of baubles, this one’s a classic that can be more than just an alternative—the Hawaii remains a bestseller for the Italian family-owned company.

If we’re basing off of these necklaces, statement pieces will be smaller, less ostentatious, and reflective of the scene’s current preference for metals instead of gemstones. The dimensions also make it enjoyable to layer—the ‘statement’ depends a generous amount to the length and make of the chain rather than just on the pendant alone.

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