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Solebox x Adidas Consortium Quesence Review

Solebox x Adidas Consortium Quesence Sneakers Review

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Solebox x Adidas Consortium Quesence Sneakers Review
Solebox x Adidas Consortium Quesence Review
Beyond the confines of social media hype and the upscale streetwear phenomenon, sneakers are works of art. They’re designed by artists and constructed by craftsmen, incorporating centuries-old traditions into contemporary footwear. If there’s one pair that can convince one of this notion, that will definitely be the new Quesence sneakers made by the collaboration between Solebox and Adidas Consortium. With luxurious fabrications, intricate craftsmanship, and elegant hues, this partnership produced a precious pair that is as valuable as the most expensive items in the luxury market.
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Sneakers are rarely seen as works of art, but they should be. These shoes are made with as much craftsmanship and design as other luxury goods, and at times, maybe even more. Making a pair of sneakers is just as complicated and intricate as constructing high fashion footwear or sewing an haute couture dress. Fortunately, German footwear brand Solebox is shedding light on this by teaming up with Adidas Consortium for a special edition capsule collection, which contains a new pair of Quesence sneakers.

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Release date: May 12, 2018
Prices: $180 (normal price), $124 (marked-down price)

Solebox has been making considerable noise in the footwear industry for quite some time now, and this new collaboration is set to raise their brand awareness tenfold. Released just last May 12, 2018, the German brand reinvented Adidas Consortium’s classic Quesence sneakers—one of their most beloved models. Each pair of this new edition costs $180, but a marked-down price will get them for only $124.


Part of what trivializes the artistry of sneaker culture are the materials usually used in this market. But for the Solebox x Adidas Consortium Quesence sneakers, the two brands made use of premium suede and high-quality leather to redesign the shoes. These upscale, luxury fabrications are cut precisely and constructed evenly to create a sleeker silhouette of the already-classic model. The neutral-toned colorway, on the other hand, increases the refinement and evokes a sophisticated sense of effortless minimalism.


Sneakers nowadays are bombastic in their color schemes. Even the newest releases from high fashion brands feature eye-popping tones and hues to really capture the consumers’ attention. Unfortunately, such cannot be said about the new Quesence sneakers crafted by both Solebox and Adidas Consortium. While their sneakers are muted to an elegant tee, they pale in comparison to the show-stopping shoes other brands are bringing forth. Such a colorway can substantially minimize the consumer audience that will appreciate this well-crafted and highly-intricate pair of sneakers.

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Image Credits: Packer Shoes (featured image), Solebox, The Sole Supplier, Sneakerholics-Detroit (article images).

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