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Simone Rocha Spring Summer 2019 Ready-to-Wear Collection – London


September 2022 Sales (LATEST)

Simone Rocha is known for her distinctly European silhouettes. Her puff sleeves harken back to Victorian times, the babydoll silhouettes evoke the elaborate baroque era, and she’s also beloved for her use of high-quality French and Italian laces. But beyond her Western heritage, she’s also partly Chinese from her father’s side, and for spring 2019, she chose to explore this side of her identity for her collection. Inspired by the beautiful concubines of the ancient civilizations of East Asia, she put forth an array of her signature freeform silhouettes in the most delicate of florals, shimmering silks, and stark cottons. Some ensembles even took a more literal turn, with ancient paintings of Chinese women printed on the fine materials. Still, it wouldn’t be a Simone Rocha offering without dainty laces decorating the brims of hats and veiling the women’s faces. It’s not new to see both western and Eastern influences in the fashion collection, but only Simone Rocha can do it with such a delicacy of touch.

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