21 Underrated Places to Shop for Affordable Jewelry Online

Underrated Places to Shop for Affordable Jewelry Online

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What makes a good outfit is more often the jewelry and accessories and not the actual clothes. That’s why bags, shoes, and even your makeup can do so much to either dress up or dress down your look. In the same way, your jewelry has the ability to completely transform any ensemble. The typical t-shirt-and-jeans combo can be runway-worthy with a beautiful layering of necklaces, your usual set of rings, a pair of boots, and mirror sunglasses. But deciding which jewelry pieces to wear and styling them together need some subtle skill.

Beginner or not, experimentation is the best way to discover your own style, but jewelry isn’t exactly the most wallet-friendly fashion item. For the broke and struggling fashion girls, these shops will hit you up with the best deals for jewelry that won’t break the bank but deliver on quality and purpose (for you to know your taste in jewelry and the way you style them).

  1. Miss A

Miss A Jewelry

If we’re just talking about affordability, nothing can beat Miss A at that game. It offers all their products for the incredible and most affordable price of $1. Before voicing out your skepticism, you must first know that the reason for the expensive price of products in department stores is really the marketing efforts and all the mark-ups added in by the company and by the stores themselves, but it doesn’t really reflect the product’s actual worth. Miss A is the proof that not all cheap things are lacking in quality. If anything, they prioritize it more because they don’t spend much on other things and focuses instead on giving their customers the cheaper alternative for the same quality. Get the most out of your dollars with the packaged jewelry sets. They also carry makeup and other accessories, so take advantage as much as your budget will allow.

  1. Kitsch

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Started by Cassandra Thurswell at just 25 years old, this international jewelry and hair accessories brand only needs to be recognized by more women. Its selection includes meaningful pieces, especially the trendy astrology collection with zodiac-based charm necklaces and earrings. Kitsch is the place to go for a ‘90s- inspired jewelry collection because they carry a wide array of chokers and stackable rings that are as trendy today as it was two decades ago. Challenge yourself and be all-out when you experiment through the brand’s layering necklaces and statement rings.

  1. Spiffing Jewelry

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Founders Annie and Tara achieved the ultimate BFF status with Spiffing Jewelry. Best friends for more than 20 years, they’ve made a career out of every 6-year-old girl besties’ playful hobby of making accessories for each other, but they do it for a living and get to earn doing it together. Their handmade jewelry is infused with television and movie references like ones from Harry Potter, Gilmore Girls, Doctor Who, and Addams Family. Cuff bracelets would be embossed with character names or necklace pendants would be in the shape of the Harry Potter trio’s wands , the golden snitch, or Darth Vader’s lightsaber. From one pair of besties to another, Spiffing Jewelry provides matching accessories that doesn’t only solidify friendship, but also satisfies the inner fangirls of famous tv shows, books, or films.

  1. Dotoly

Dotoly thrives off of people’s common love for animals with their animal-themed jewelry and apparel. Simultaneously, it advocates compassion for our earthly neighbors to people who don’t share the same affinity for them. It’s impossible to resist and repel the clever sloth pendants that look like they’re hanging from your chain necklace or the cute and unique mini-sized elephant, dog, hedgehog rings that look like they’re hugging your finger with their whole body. It has the same heart-melting effect as when a baby holds your finger with their entire hand.

Whether you’re an animal lover or not, this is a comforting thing to get for yourself for your down moments when you need a simple pick-me-upper. For others, this will be the most thoughtful gift and will definitely earn your friendship points.

  1. Stargaze Jewelry

Stargaze Jewelry is an example of what happens when you take that leap of faith towards where your gut tells you to go. It started with a 20-year-old girl who had no big plans, just one choker that garnered compliments from close friends and Instagram followers. It started as “Jewlz by Ez” and only had just one product, but now the brand has a collection of jewelry that correspond with the other-worldly name of the brand. The pieces are inspired by heavenly bodies and other stars in the universe that exist outside the planet. Some of them include the usual moon and sun symbols, but sometimes it’s more complicated like a nebula choker, imitated using colored stones that are most pleasing to the eyes.

  1. Beuniki

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Beuniki is a brand that goes well with the current Tumblr culture. Its charms are infused with hippie images like the dreamcatcher, arrows, cactus, the infinity symbol, and the timeless heart symbol. Though simple, they pair well with simple outfits like shorts and a tee. It’s like they’re made specifically for channeling Tumblr girls in dreamy photographs that get thousands of reblogs on the site. With Beuniki’s jewelry, there’s no way that you will look out of style or opposite to the trends.

  1. Paparazzi Accessories

As far as affordability is concerned, Paparazzi Accessories is running second to Miss A. Every piece is priced at $5 with no exception. The brand aims to provide all women easy access to trendy jewelry, which is more about making them confident in what they’re wearing. The jewelry pieces are free of lead and nickel to reduce the risk of allergies, but you have to get the ones you like immediately because the shop’s collection changes all the time. Most notable about the brand are their statement necklaces that drape low on the neck or have huge pendants with plenty of or larger details. They also use unconventional colored stones and gems, so if your experimentation and standing out is your goal, Paparazzi Accessories isn’t the worst choice.

  1. 7 Charming Sisters

7 Charming Sisters isn’t only a source for versatile jewelry, it’s a source for styling tips and ideas, most useful for newbies. This women-run company offers seven styles of jewelry that represent different personalities, so whatever your style is, there’s something you can relate to from the brand.

The brand has three major mantras: give, learn, grow. By supporting 7 Charming Sisters, you give opportunities for disabled people to have normal employment life as others which the brand handles. That’s what you give to others, but for you, the customer, the brand offers ‘lessons’ that teach you how to style and take care of the jewelry pieces that you purchase from them. Lastly, the brand aims for growth for the brand, the seven friends-turned-founders, and their customers. Through it all, their jewelry represents all the fun that fashion allows women to have, so whether you’re deep into a corporate environment for your job or are keeping up your social life on the weekends, 7 Charming Sisters’ jewelry will suit every aspect of your lifestyle.

  1. 16kt Beauty

There’s no explanation why 16kt Beauty’s products are described as “sun-kissed jewelry,” but when you see them, you’ll have an idea why. They exude of a certain positive aura that influences your mood as if the morning sunlight hit your face for the first time and enveloped you in warmth. The Good Vibes collection is especially charged with good energy because they make use of meaningful stones that target specific chakras in their pendant necklaces. That’s one way that their jewelry is personalized but they also offer actual customization for special surprises when you give it as a gift for others or yourself.

  1. Cents of Style

Cents of Style

Cents of Style makes use of natural patterns and materials in their jewelry: semi-sheer tortoiseshell material and natural stones. The brand’s signature piece is the plate open cuff with an initial embossed on one side and the plate pendant. All letters of the alphabet are available to cater to all names, making it a personal piece or an intentioned gift. Cents of Style targets their products towards mature women that can hold their own even with bold jewelry on their body. Aside from the lower price point, the brand offers free shipping, which is the bane of all our online shopping experiences. This way, there’s no excuse but to go for the golds and silvers and reward yourself.

  1. Taudrey

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Taudrey comes from the combination of its founder’s name and Audrey Hepburn’s. Tiffany Dominguez began the brand in her own bedroom, making accessories by hand. It soon became a handcrafted and personalized jewelry company that doesn’t do any form of mass production at all. It’s focuses on the personal quality of handmade things and it aims to enhance the natural style of the wearer and not taking attention away from their overall appearance. The pieces are just discreet and subtly making a statement, as its muse Audrey Hepburn’s elegant appeal is. Creativity and uniqueness is also encouraged, so every piece that you want to get can be customized with something in your life that means a lot to you or to someone if you’re giving it as a gift. Chokers, cuffs, plate necklaces, and charm chokers can all be transformed to be your one-of-a-kind piece.

  1. Elisabeth Ashlie

Jewelry-making usually starts out as a hobby and it’s the same story for sisters Lauren and Kate Pedersen with Elisabeth Ashlie. Their handmade jewelry was initially focused on being accessible to a wide variety of women, so affordability came into play as well. Now run solely by Lauren, the brand incorporates trending shapes into their pendants and charms like the teardrop pendant, tassels, apple of my eye stone charms that are less scary versions of the Evil Eye trend. It uses classic studs and delicate pendants that are meant to last long because after their chains fade of natural wear, you can get replacement chains from the brand that will refresh the jewelry’s look.

  1. Beck and Boosh

Rebecca LaPointe created an all-female Canadian empire with Beck and Boosh. Uniqueness and quality are the two main values that the brand holds dear. It aims to empower women by providing them the means to show and express their unique, true selves through pieces of jewelry that are hard to find elsewhere. They’ve showcased excellence in their geometric-inspired dangle earrings and modern vintage hair pins using gemstones that makes us nostalgic for our childhood hair accessories.

  1. Lovoda

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Lovoda is the solution of siblings and business partners, Lauren and Brendon, to the gap in the jewelry market where no brand could offer affordability and quality at one time. Their affordable jewelry pieces are explorative with shapes, curves, and forms through the necklace chains, pendants, and trendy pompoms. They’re all heavy on details which demonstrates the brand’s obvious intent for design. And they are mindful of ethical ways as they form personal and direct relationships with their manufacturers.

  1. Baublebar

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Mixing and matching clothes is already hours-long feats for women. It gets longer when you insert jewelry and accessories into the process. If you’ve related to having troubles with pairing up jewelry with your outfits, Baublebar targets that specific problem with their pieces inspired by fashion trends. They’re classic in construction but playful with the details. Script name necklaces are the most timeless piece of jewelry, the most common but the least tacky. If you want to channel Carrie Bradshaw, Baublebar also does personalized projects like that but they have other options like an engraved name bar bracelet.

  1. Lulu’s


Khloe Kardashian is known to be the queen of hoop earrings, but you’ll be surprised to know she buys her pairs from Claire’s. For such a classic thing that you use the most and has greater risk of getting lost, it’s better to opt for the cheaper version that offers quite the same but different look. Lulu*s can be what Claire’s is for the Kardashian sister. The brand reinvents the idea of affordable luxury because of their everyday pieces that come with a lower than $30 price point but same high-quality craftsmanship. They have different iterations and exclusive styles of hoop earrings and Y-shaped necklaces, which will never go out of style. They also have stackable rings if you’re one who can’t go out without them.

  1. MaeMae Jewelry

MaeMae means little sister in Chinese and that’s exactly what the MaeMae Jewelry brand brings out in us: the youthful little girl. It does this through the jewelry pieces that are based on spiritual symbols of the founder Rheena Mae’s life. She is the “Chief Believer of Your Dreams”. Her jewelry is infused with meaning, so when you wear them, it’s not only a piece of metal resting around your neck or wrists, she’s passing on her motivated and positive energy.

  1. Shop Dixi

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If you’re a religious watcher of Youtube hauls, you’re all acquainted and familiar with Shop Dixi’s gothic jewelry. It’s popular with those who have weird quirks and penchants for rare and slightly twisted items you can find in a thrift store because their charms and pendants are in shapes and symbols that you won’t easily find in a department store. You can say they’re boho and kind of a hippie but the brand is just mindful of individuality and mystique. They also offer rare types of jewelry that not all brands would normally carry like thumb and midi rings, body necklaces, anklets, and other accessories. The brand is deeply inclined with nature with the stones embedded onto their jewelry. The brand has a unique character of its own and if you’re in the same wavelength, you’re officially a Dixi Warrior.

Shop Dixi isn’t the most affordable option in this list but if you’re a student or someone who falls under the 18 to 25 age range, the brand will treat you to a 15 percent discount which is already a good deal for the kind of jewelry you’ll get.

  1. Seaworthy

Seaworthy is based from beautiful Portland where art and culture are thriving. That explains the artisan jewelry that it offers and the importance of a handmade quality for the brand. Their pieces are crafted in multiple steps using traditional methods that takes several days. Brass and sterling silver pieces of the brand are made with the influence of textiles and architecture, so lines, curves, shapes, and a unique structure are its defining look. Seaworthy sets an example of what small brands are doing right. They’re not focused on big corporate motivations. It gives back to the local community in Portland through donations to organizations and companies that help people with a lack of resources and privileges. Support for this kind of company is so easy to give when they exhibit affordability, quality, and generosity, all at once.

  1. Amazon

Amazon is the most obvious place to go for anything. From designer fashion pieces to the weirdest paraphernalia, Amazon has got it all. But instead of spending all your Amazon Premium benefits on random things that are only cute but not useful, explore the variety of jewelry brands on the site instead and take advantage of the free shipping by hoarding all the beautiful and affordable ones you can get. You can find some that are below $10. Start with that and build a somewhat temporary collection as you explore what you like and build on what you have.

  1. Ebay

Shop at eBay Plus Size for Women
eBay. San Jose, CA. Credit: jejim

Kind of like Amazon, Ebay is where you go for completely rare pieces of jewelry. Though the site carries some independent brands that individual people run, the best things you can find here are the extremely rare pieces of jewelry, preferably vintage ones. They may look too old or worn out to be revived but use your intuition to choose which ones have the innate charm that can’t be lost. You can score so many investment pieces from Ebay that people don’t realize can be reworked and transformed back into their original quality.

One thing to learn from these brands is that affordability doesn’t always immediately equate to low quality. For a style starter, these brands will help you build out a collection and form your own personal touch to the way you wear jewelry.

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