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See Through Designer Handbags to Have When You Just Couldn’t Care Less

See Through Designer Handbags to Have When You Just Couldn’t Care Less

We have always thought of bags as functional accessories. When ladies’ garments fail to include pockets—which is basically a problem for any fashionista—our bags become our saviors, able to carry multiple things at once (hurray!). The trend almost every designer is getting into when it comes to the all-dependable accessories nowadays, however, is not something hinged on its inherent function. And yet, baffling as it may be, we’re not completely dismissing the trend.

What is it, you ask? See through bags, that’s what.

Transparent bags can carry stuff just like any other, but sans the privacy. It would not be advisable to put on so much weight on them too, as the materials are not designed for as much pressure. Their main selling point though, is their versatility—perhaps the clear exterior invites us to fill in some of the blanks while making a statement—and doing away with subtlety. If you couldn’t care less about what people might see inside your purse while working yourself through the crowd, here are seven see through designer bags to grab.

1. Building Block SSENSE Exclusive Yellow Transparent Vinyl Peephole Tote

Building Block SSENSE Exclusive Yellow Transparent Vinyl Peephole Tote

Price: US$425.00
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The beauty of transparent bags is that there is no clear-cut rule on how they should be. Designers are allowed to experiment as they see fit. You didn’t imagine a completely transparent accessory when we said see through bags now, did you? Anyway, this SSENSE exclusive from Building Block injects pops of color that we just adore. The leather pouch in the middle matches that of the trim and makes the bag easier on the eyes

2. Anya Hindmarch Multi Stripes patent-leather and vinyl tote

Anya Hindmarch Multi Stripes patent-leather and vinyl tote

Price: US$995.00
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Instead of allowing you to just gawk at a bag’s contents whenever you like, Anya Hidmarch’s version gives some shield from eyes through the stripes. The vinyl bag is a little sturdier than others of the same material and is roomy enough to fit both your essentials and work necessities. You can sling this on your shoulder with little to no problem and add a statement key chain through the bag’s D-ring.

3. Off-White Black Medium Travel Bag

Off-White Black Medium Travel Bag

Price: US$1255.00
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While transparent totes are not sold primarily for their utility, Off-White’s version offers more than the usual, perhaps to be true to the name “travel bag”. Made in black solid vinyl, Off-White’s bag has an air chamber, a wire-rope that you can remove and a carabiner fastening. Probably still not the best for heavy lifting, but handy enough for to help you organize your things.

4. Jil Sander transparent tote bag

Jil Sander transparent tote bag

Price: US$734.00
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This transparent tote fits right in Jil Sander’s style code which happens to be ‘less is more’. There’s barely anything but the black leather trim and the logo, although it may be a delight to carry for that very reason—you’re free to personalize depending on what you fit into it. Stuff as many things as you wish inside because the roomy interior affords it, but just be careful not to overpack.

5. Charlotte Olympia Transparent Perspex Pandora Classic Clutch

Charlotte Olympia Transparent Perspex Pandora Classic Clutch

Price: US$895.00
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Charlotte Olympia brings some of the more luxe elements in other pouches onto this transparent box clutch, and we’re digging the effect. The metallics work its magic in the perspex, and if you’re not keen on experimenting, the bag comes with three zip pouches, all elegant in their own way: gold-tone, leopard pattern, and black.

6. Prada transparent logo tote

Prada transparent logo tote

Price: US$1,100.00
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The expert craftsmanship Prada is known for shows even in this transparent tote. The bag, which comes with top handles, is spacious, tastefully put with a logo, and comes with a detachable shoulder strap in case your hands are tired of doing all the carrying. The color yellow does wonders for the conventional but dependable silhouette.

7. Kara SSENSE Exclusive Transparent PVC Pinch Tote

Kara SSENSE Exclusive Transparent PVC Pinch Tote

Price: US$325.00
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We have another SSENSE exclusive in this Kara tote, made in transparent vinyl. Although the calfskin is minimal in the bag, it still brings a luxurious note to it. The patch pocket made of the same material is especially handy if you want to keep tiny possessions out of sight but don’t mind having the rest easily made out from the tote.

If you have a penchant for layering, then it’s time to put your skills into transparent bags. The clear material leaves opportunities for styling through the inside so that it can complement your whole look—touch-up necessities, sunglasses, even papers if the bag allows. Don’t be afraid to be bold; pops of color and certain unusual choices are definitely welcome. If you’re going to show off stuff inside your bag, might as well have things people will be envious about, no?

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