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River Island 2019 Review

River Island home page screenshot on April 15, 2019

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River Island 2019 Review
River Island is among the best shopping sites where one can find the best deals of women’s men’s, and kids’ fashion items at great prices. They offer a selection where customers can find amazing casual looks and special occasion outfits, plus a whole lot of options for bags, shoes and accessories that will go perfectly with the clothes. They are a chic, trendy, and totally a one-stop shop for fashion needs!
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Minimalist website makes it easy to browse items
Pieces are offered in affordable prices
Features an Inspiration tab filled with fashion recommendations
Inconsistency in releasing quality items, as other customers reported damaged items after a few times of use
Bad return policy and customer service

River Island is an online fashion shopping site that knows what its clientele needs. We believer that they embody the affordable fashion that’s underrated nowadays, in the midst of overpriced luxury fashion trends. However, it doesn’t mean that River Island cuts down on creativity—on the contrary, we think they actually step up the curation of their pieces in order to stand out among the crowd. They design their pieces in-house, which we think makes them put in more effort in the designs and overall theme of their collections. We think their website looks pleasing to the eyes as well, with the minimalist theme and well-organized collections they showcase. There are main categories of women, men, girls, and boys collections, but we think that the added  vacation shop and inspiration tabs make the site more interesting and beneficial for its audience. However, we reckon the website needs a lot of improvement still, because of many complaints of shoppers about the faulty orders, delayed resolution of delivery and order issues, as well as the huge fees they ask for any return of items.

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How to use River Island Promo Codes

  1. Register a Free Account with River Island
  2. Enter your personal information and shipping details on the second page
  3. Once you have your account, add the item/s in your shopping cart.
  4. When you go to your shopping cart, click on the link “Have a promo code?”
  5. Add the promo code on the area provided.
  6. Click ‘Apply’ to enjoy your discount and happy shopping!

How to add promo codes on River Island

Introduction to River Island

Alexa Chung. Cara Delevingne. Charlie XCX. If there is one thing common among these three, it is the fact that they are some of the finest, most stylish London ladies who are at the top of the game when it comes to fashion. They sweep us away with their beauty combined with sophisticated style, giving us outfit inspirations 24/7 while they dominate the fashion scene. Tons of women around the world follow these It Girls for their spot-on taste in fashion. Good thing, you don’t need to book a plane ticket and fly halfway around the globe to fill your closet with London It Girl outfits. You only have to check out River Island, the British high street fashion hero that ships all over the world to help you get that easy London look.

Steady ascend upwards the fashion ladder

River Island

River Island started out as a small wool shop managed by Bernard Lewis at a bombed site in London more than sixty years ago. It slowly gained popularity, and its early success made it an independent clothing chain with nine stores under the name Lewis Separates. Its popularity among the British fashionistas gave rise to almost 70 stores in various locations in UK. In 1960’s,  the company decided to re-evaluate its business and marketing choices, and decided to rebrand Lewis Separates into Chelsea Girl which came to be the first fashion store chain in the UK. Two decades later, the company launched Concept Man, Chelsea Girl’s male counterpart that was dedicated to offer stylish menswear pieces to fashion-savvy gentlemen.

River Island, as we know it now, is the product of the merging of Concept Man and Chelsea Girl into one retail brand that provides the chicest and most stylish offerings both for men and women. Today, River Island has more than 350 fashion boutiques across UK, Asia, Europe, and Middle East that ships to around 100 countries worldwide. River Island is also a top player in the fashion and style department not only in UK but in other parts of Europe, Asia, and even US as well.

Innovation at its core

River Island 2

In the more than sixty years of River Island’s history, there is one thing that the brand is well known for—its ability to lead the retail market with its innovative fashion sense and go-getter business attitude. Since its inception in 1988, River Island has committed to bringing new ideas to its brand. Among its contemporaries, it is the first to delve into the teenage fashion market, a new and risky move at its time considering that teenagers’ buying powers did not yet hold a bigger block in the economy. However, with its in-house design team and clothing materials directly sourced from global suppliers themselves, River Island hit the right market as evident in its continuous expansion worldwide.

Accessible for all

River Island 3

River Island’s website, as well, has committed to the innovation that technology offers. Aside from features such as shopping by age department and gender, secured shipping, and inspirational content, River Island also ensures that it is accessible not only to users around the world, but also to people with disabilities.

In partnership with Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB), River Island has made it possible for its website to provide a high level of accessibility. This means that the website uses the most latest of all web technologies and web design trends to give its clients a dynamic, fun, and fresh shopping experience. Identical functions and features, all made simpler, are provided to people who use assistive technology so that they can also enjoy the same content found in the website. No complicated web tools means a hassle-free shopping anyone can truly appreciate.

Updating its website with innovative and accessible functionalities and features is completely understandable for River Island. After all, everyone from all around the world, with or without disabilities, cannot help but shop and fall in love with what River Island offers. I mean, have you seen its playsuits, coats, cardigans, jeans, jewelries, nightwear, shoes, and bags? All are so stylish and trendy you will be putting everything in your shopping cart (but hey, don’t let us stop you there).

A stand-out in the crowded market

River Island 4

The fashion landscape is a crowded market with all the brands, designers, and shopping sites making a name for themselves everywhere. Regardless, River Island—straight from the London High Street—is now one of the most successful UK retailers known for its impeccable offerings that is perfect for the discerning yet budget-conscious fashion enthusiast. River Island offers office-appropriate pieces as well as weekend getaway casuals which are available within an attractive price point, making its modern classic, mixed with edgy street style pieces, a total steal. And as far as the design content, you can be sure that River Island delivers with its style, fit, craftsmanship, and quality.

River Island catalog page screenshot on April 15, 2019 River Island product page screenshot on April 15, 2019

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