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Remember This? Manolo Blahnik Re-Releases Carrie Bradshaw’s Blue Heels


Looking for something blue? You may want to consider Manolo Blahnik.

This month, the high end footwear company has released a capsule collection of the Hangisi shoes to mark its 10th anniversary. The pair has been made more famous by the Sex and the City film which coincidentally also happens to have been released in 2008. Fans would remember the shoes in an integral part of the film, the one where Big proposes to Carrie inside her walk-in closet. In the scene, Big flawlessly slips the heels on Carrie’s feet after the fictional fashion icon agrees to marry him.


The shoes were originally made as part of the label’s spring and summer collection for 2008, but its popularity eventually led to spawns, both heeled and otherwise, through the years. The Hangisi, besides being a must-have for fashionistas, were first created with elites in mind, particularly Napoleon, his first wife Josephine and his sister Pauline. Manolo Blahnik was inspired after visiting Palermo, Italy, and viewing Giovanni Boldini’s exhibit, filled with portraits of members of the high society in the 19th and 20th century as well as of paintings of the group in social settings. He found a tiny detail that piqued his interest—he observed that the ladies’ shoes had buckles on them. And so, the Hangisis were born, the name borrowed from the Turkish language which means “Which one?”

The collection, named “Decade of Love”, includes seven styles. The blue heels in particular are embroidered with the collection’s name. If you’re not getting hitched anytime soon, or just are not into the rich blue color of Carrie’s engagement heels, then you would be happy to know that the release will include other colors into the mix, retaining only the staple buckle of the Hangisi. There’s the black and white pair that has “love” written on the shoes and one in cream that has the map of the Big Apple, among others. Each pair is a tribute to the fashion capital, where Sex and the City takes place.

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Carrie Bradshaw has been a known fan of Manolo Blahnik even way before she made her way to the big screen, and so is her real-life counterpart, Candace Bushnell. The Hangisi’s inclusion in the film was only inevitable, especially since Sex and the City Costume Director Patricia Field already had a fondness for the brand. The popularity of the shoes has been overwhelming for Blahnik who, despite being highly thought of among those in the know, did not expect the shoes to reach such heights as they were not made with that particular intention in mind. The film also featured another memorable piece in the form of the Vivienne Westwood gown Carrie wore to her wedding, leaving her looking glamorous albeit being ditched at the altar.

The shoes are now available for purchase with a few clicks—just head over at Manolo Blahnik’s website to buy your preferred design. They are also available in our favorite upscale department stores, with prices ranging from $900 to $1100.

Manolo Blahnik royal blue Hangisi 105 satin pumps

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