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Reebok x Mita Workout Sneakers Review

Reebok x Mita Workout Sneakers Review

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Reebok x Mita Workout Sneakers Review
Reebok x Mita Workout Sneakers Review
The Reebok x Mita Workout sneakers are a welcome addition to the Workout family. They retain most of the characteristics that make the original Workout lows great shoes, such as sleekness and versatility. The lovely brown color on the shoes is nothing too jarring but will still keep your shoe collection interesting even in its subtlety.
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Sneakers that are marketed primarily for being functional have been misaligned as being dull, but there are more than a handful of options that prove that notion wrong. Among those supposedly rare shoes are the Reebok Workout sneakers, which first found their way in the market back in 1987. Their main selling point besides their performance is their versatility in use, the look appropriate in many sports and can easily transition into street kicks.  In 2017, Reebok tapped friends over at Japan’s Mita sneakers to reinvent the Workout. The result? A charming pair that is still as bankable as the originals, but with a military twist.

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Release date: March 2017

Designs that borrow from military style codes have been used time and again, but we cannot blame designers for returning to them because of their flexibility and timelessness. The Workout lows that have been born out of the partnership between Reebok and Mita sneakers may seem familiar, but that is not a reason to skip on them. The uppers made in both suede and canvas, and the sides adorned with military-inspired accents make for a tad rugged but still attractive Workout sneakers.


The Reebok x Mita Workout sneakers are not loud but they are also not boring, with the earthy tones making an interesting shoe out of a classic silhouette. The different textures resulting from the combination of suede and canvas give the sneakers more character even without the military accents that adorn their sides. If you find yourself in a rush, donning the kicks on would not be a problematic choice as they can blend with ease together with most casual outfits. The originals were prized for their comfort, and the same can be said for this collab in addition to fitting true to size. They are light both in weight and on the wallet, and won’t leave your feet with too many blisters while breaking in.


We have not encountered any problems that would be deal breakers in purchasing the Reebok x Mita Workout sneakers in general. There have been complaints, however, that these can feel tight to some people.

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