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Reebok Classic Workout Plus 3AM x Trouble Andrew Review

Reebok 3AM Workout Sneakers Review

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Reebok 3AM Workout Sneakers Review
Reebok Classic Workout Plus 3AM x Trouble Andrew Review
More than just wearing fashion, style icons have the ability to enthuse their creativity in dressing to creating a new line of pieces to inspire their style. Such has been going for quite some time now, from Hollywood stars to superstar athletes. From such an endeavor, the retail world is offered a new and exciting piece that might see much commercial success, such as Reebok’s “3AM” Workout sneakers. Designed by rapper Cam’ron, with the help of street artist Trevor “Trouble” Andrew, this new line of sporty footwear may just as well inspire creativity in the consumers as it had the artist.
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When sportswear was just an emerging market back in the 1980’s and 1990’s, superstar athletes propelled it to greater heights in the retail industry. The likes of Michael Jordan, Shaquille O’Neal, and Tiger Woods all style icons, rivaling those of the Hollywood set in terms of their influence on fashion and retail. Today, a lot of people are able to become style stars, especially through social media. Some have even collaborated with various brands to create their own line of sportswear, like rapper Cam’ron in his partnership with Reebok to create the “3AM” Workout sneakers.

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Release date: December 13, 2017

Inspired by late night creativity, the Reebok’s “3AM” sneaker line has amassed a great following through the years. Various creatives from the fashion, art, and entertainment industries have given their own contributions for this one-of-a-kind model. Alongside graffiti artist Trevor “Trouble” Andres, rapper Cam’ron released his own “3AM” Workout shoes during a New York event last December 13, 2017. Since then, the sneakers have been available for public purchase for only $120.


If there’s one shoe in the entirety of sneaker culture that reflects the creativity the market and sub-culture inspires, it’s Reebok’s 3AM Workout sneakers. With doodles, scribbles, and random writings, the shoe design harkens back to moments when one lets his mind wander into new territories of creativity to come up with a special idea or design. Made out of soft-grain leather, the shoes still evoke a tinge of refinement even if its most prominent design feature is inspired by the graffiti art of New York City.


They say that creativity is at its strongest during the wee hours of the night, particularly at 3:00 am. If such has inspired one to create a line of shoes, it’s expected that the outcome would be as extraordinary as one hopes. However, Reebok’s new “3AM” Workout sneakers don’t seem to be as creatively-designed as imagined. Without the doodles, colored-letters, and various writings, the shoe will most likely look like your ordinary stark white rubber shoes in fine leather.

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