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Ready, Set, Go: Prepare Your Tabs and Yourself for Black Friday and Cyber Monday


We’d be pressed to find someone who does not look forward to Black Friday. Everyone loves a good deal, and they can be announced at any time of the year, but Black Friday, and to some extent, Cyber Monday, are guaranteed to offer shoppers the best steals every year. And this is not exclusive to the United States—the United Kingdom, and even beyond, follow the drop of prices among retailers during and after the celebration of American Thanksgiving.


In case you live under a rock and have no idea what the days are for, here’s a short explanation: plainly put, the two days have become shopping traditions right after Thanksgiving, during which brick and mortar stores and otherwise give great discounts to most of the items they have in stock. It is also very timely considering that the holidays are just a month away. This just means that it is a good time to refresh your wardrobe and get something for people dear to you. Not all slashes on prices are treated equally, however, as some stores are more generous in their discounts and exclusive deals than others. This has been observed in both established department stores as well as also smaller, niche stores; there’s (almost) everything for everyone.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday this year will fall on November 23 and 26, respectively. While they’re still at least a month away, it’s never too early to prep, especially when you have to be quick and strategic because of the mass of people that may be after the same things as you are. Stay with us as we’re offering you tips as well as stores to get your luxury fix just in time for the holiday season right after the jump.


Your best weapon when shopping in a limited amount of time and against a significant number of people, besides luck, is preparedness. Here are some tips to make you and your deivce of choice ready for Black Friday and Cyber Monday:

Budget. It can be difficult to exercise control when you’re faced with good deals, and lots of ‘em at that! To avoid post-shopping regret, plan ahead on how much you’re willing to spend, and when the day arrives, stick to it.

Research. You’re on the Internet where there are a myriad of services to make your life easier, so why not utilize the technology for shopping? There are websites and apps, some even free, that do the work for you and congregate codes and upcoming sales. At this point in time, you can have more or less an idea on how low retailers are willing to go based on sales in the past years. There can even be information on particular garments so you can give allowances on your budget.

Check social media. There’s no better source than the actual retailer. If you find it tedious to check each and every store’s website, there is an alternative: follow their social media accounts. You can gather the details you need by simply scrolling through your feed. Also helpful: newsletters.

Set an early schedule. “The early bird gets the early worm” definitely applies on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Just like when people used to line up the night before to shop, you can do the same by prepping your device and extending your patience. Most successful shoppers get their deals on the wee hours of the morning.


Another useful tip is to use your browser’s bookmarks. Not sure which sites to add? Appreciate the finer things in life at a discounted price from the following retailers:

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