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Raquel Allegra Pre-Fall 2019 Women’s Collection – Los Angeles

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Clothing, at its essence, is simply protection for our bodies against other elements. This notion was in the back of Raquel Allegra‘s head when she was constructing her Pre-Fall 2019 Collection, which she presented in Los Angeles. The fashion atmosphere in this famous city is arguably a lot less refined than in New York, and there’s a rawness here that inspires designers to think outside the box. That same rawness influenced Allegra to create one of her most ethereal offerings yet—a military-esque wardrobe of tye dye pieces that are easy to wear yet full of spirit and fire. The silhouettes were mostly basic, save for an interesting dark navy dress that looked heavily-influenced by Rei Kawakubo. Utility was a huge focal point here as well, what with all the outerwear pieces that were relatively light yet had enough form to protect the body at all costs. Despite the youth and energy that the tye dye is supposed to evoke, there were still some items that ended up looking more refined than how Allegra probably wanted them to look. With the right styling, they can make for great evening frocks for a more elegant night out. In any case, it looks like Raquel Allegra has another hit on her hands!

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Photo: Courtesy of Raquel Allegra

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