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Puma Roma Basic Sneakers Review

Puma Roma Basic Sneakers Review

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Puma Roma Basic Sneakers Review
Puma Roma Basic Sneakers Review
Fashion has always been timeless, but now, so are sneakers. Some trainers that have debuted decades ago still find an enthusiastic consumer audience even in this day and age. Such is the case for Puma’s Roma Basic sneakers, the model that was released in 1968 but reinvented for 2016. To this day, the Roma trainers are still heavily demanded, both by old and new customers alike.
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Timelessness is quite rare in sneaker culture. Sneakers, trainers, and the like are usually shoes that reflect the zeitgeist of their time. While it’s not uncommon that a model will still be relevant after a decade or so, only a few have really stood the test of time. Air Jordan sneakers are a perfect example of such, as well as Vans’ checkerboard shoes. Puma, however, has a model that achieved relevance for over five or six decades: their Roma sneakers.

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Release date: Late 2016
Price when reviewed: $60

The original Roma sneakers were released in 1968, approximately 50 years ago this year. These unique sports shoes are a favorite among the German sportswear brand’s faithful clientele, as well as young ones who are newly buying into the label. During the fall 2016 season, Puma re-released the model with more contemporary fabrications yet traditional craftsmanship and is sold at $60 today.


A famous feature of Puma’s Roma Basic sneakers is their clean and minimal colorways, paired beautifully with such a streamlined silhouette. These sports shoes are known for their pristine white finish, with many noting that it remains clean even after several uses. The sneakers’ synthetic leather material is the one to thank for such, as the textile is easy to clean and wash. Furthermore, the sleek shaping of the shoes provides a good arch support for the wearer’s feet.


Puma’s Roma sneakers were first crafted during the 1960’s when sneakers weren’t exactly as popular and mainstream as they are now. Hence, the construction of this model is substantially different from the new releases of the German sportswear label. A common critique of the Roma Basics is that they lack ventilation, causing the wearer’s feet to sweat profusely after long hours. Additionally, the shoes are said to be too tight at times, and while marketed as sports shoes, aren’t necessarily fit to be worn for any athletic endeavor.

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