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Puma Phenom Sneakers Review

Puma Phenom Sneakers Review

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Puma Phenom Sneakers Review
Puma Phenom Sneakers Review
Sportswear has never been more glamorous than when women started playing the game. From couture to casual, the entire industry’s focus suddenly revolved around athleticism, which to this day is one of the most lucrative markets in the business. It’s no surprise that Puma’s Phenom sneakers, which is an extremely fashionable shoe in its own right, has become one of the hit wonders in the sportswear world. Although Selena Gomez may have helped in giving it attention, the shoe’s overall popularity is the making of the sneakers themselves.
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When women started getting into sports, brands started upgrading their gear to more stylized and fashionable pieces. The high fashion and luxury business is primarily a woman’s game, and in order to please her, there has to be a balance of design and durability. Through the years, a variety of labels, some from different markets, have offered women items that will help them look good when pursuing athletic endeavors. Of the many that have come and gone, Puma’s Phenom sneakers are some of the most memorable.

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Release date: November 22, 2017
Prices: $80 (Retail price) $54 (Sale price)

The German sportswear brand tapped singer and actress Selena Gomez to collaborate with in making a sophisticated yet sporty shoe. Thus, the Phenom sneakers were born. Released on November 22, 2017, Puma’s new model has since gained a lot of traction from sneakerheads, partly due to Gomez’s contribution, but mostly because of how stylish the Phenoms are. At only $80 a pair, which is marked down to $54 during sale periods, a lot of Puma (and Selena Gomez) fans can easily get themselves these new sneakers.


As far as women’s sneakers go, Puma’s Phenom running shoes are among the most sophisticated in the entire market. The sneakers are as much fashion shoes as they are athletic gear. Offered in a variety of hues, from midnight black, military-style olive, to the more romantic blush pink, there’s definitely no scarcity in terms of style. Other iterations, particularly in silky and shimmering satin, ups the glamour game tenfold and evokes a refined and sophisticated look that is relatively rare in sneaker culture.


Among the versions of Puma Phenom sneakers, the satin ones are arguably the most popular. The iteration has become a social media phenomenon in its own right, made viral by its co-creator Selena Gomez, and worn by a myriad of Instagram models and social media influencers. The material, however, is not exactly the most appropriate for sneakers, let alone running shoes. It’s arguably too precious to be worn for any athletic endeavor and is more so a decorative feature than a function. Because of the satin renditions, Puma’s Phenom sneakers are seen more as fashionable items than actual durable running shoes.

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